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Drone Package Delivery
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1)- Introduction
2)-Definition of drone
4)- Drone components
5)-types of drones
6)Advantages and
7)-case study
What is a drone ?
Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles
(UAVs), have no human pilot onboard, and instead
are either controlled by a person on the ground or
autonomously via a computer program. These
stealth craft are becoming increasingly popular, not
just for war and military purposes, but also for
everything from wildlife and atmospheric research
to disaster relief and sports photography.
On 22 August 1849, the Austrians used UAV for the first time and attacked
Venice using unmanned Balloons loaded with explosives.
1915 : During the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, the Aerial imagery was used by
the British Military to capture about 15,000 sky view maps of the German
trench fortifications in the region.
1941 : The first large-scale production of drones by U.S. was initiated by
Reginald Denny.
1990 : Miniature and Micro UAVs became the part of research and soon
came into action.
2010 : The Parrot AR Drone, a smartphone-controlled quadcopter for
consumers was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
2012: Congress required the FAA to integrate small drones into the national
airspace by 2015.
2013 : On 60 Minutes, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveils an audacious plan of
delivery drones and a future service called Prime Air
2014 : Drones for delivery was used by Amazon for the first time in 2014.
Present : In the past 10 years, many small advanced quadcopters have
entered the market that includes the DJI Phantom and Parrot AR Drone.
This new breed of quadcopters are cheap, lightweight, and use advanced
electronics for flight control.
Drone components
1- Standard Propellers
2. Pusher Propellers
3. Brushless Motors
4. Landing Gear
5. Electronic Speed Controllers
6. Flight Controller
7. The Receiver
8. The Transmitter
9. GPS Module
10. Battery
11. Camera
types of drone
if you are interested in buying a drone, you may have already encountered
these terms referring to a specific type of drone:
RTF for Ready To Fly .
RTF are the ones that require the least steps before they can fly. They are therefore
recommended to beginners. Only a few things like placing the batteries and the need to
recharge the batteries will have to be made to be able to fly his drone.
BNF for Bind and Fly .
BNF are almost complete. Only the radio is not supplied with a drone of this type: practical for
pilots already benefiting from a radio control
types of drone
PNF for Plug and Fly.
PNF are only provided with their main structure more or less mounted, that is to say the
landing gear, propellers, engines and controllers. It will be necessary to obtain a radio
receiver, a radio remote control, batteries as well as a charger to complete the drone
ARF for Almost Ready to Fly .
ARF are the least supplied drones, benefiting only from their basic structure. These models
are appreciated by pilots wishing to customize themselves the drone in DIY.
Surpassing the traffic
Used in dangerous environemment
can record high speed
protecting Wildlife
saving lives
slow speeds and easy to shoot down
limitted battery power
too small for transportation of materials
Vulnerable to Wild Animal Attacks
The invasion of privacy of individuals
Drone Delivery Systems
Even though the shipping and delivery applications of the drones are still
under process, this idea could be revolutionary for the world.
This could significantly improve delivery times and reduce human labor. Be it
delivering pizzas, letters, or even small parcels, these programmed drones
could do the work for you.
In fact, Amazon is working on its resources to facilitate 30-minute delivery
services by means of drones. If this is brought to fruition, more than half of
your shopping and food orders could be done within a span of a few minutes,
with drones delivering your packages at your doorstep.
Drone Delivery Systems
Drones that fly packages to you
Transforming and evolving technology
Faster delivery
Eliminates middle man and cost of labor
The Economics of Drone Delivery systems
The Milk Run
Route density (number of stops)
Drop capacity (number of packages)
UPSTruck -120stops(1000 packages)
Amazon claims it can fly 15 miles for a delivery
the major players in
Package Delivery
Economics -continued
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions as smaller and lighter packages are
transported via drones rather than traditional delivery trucks
Reduced roadway and bridge maintenance costs due to less use by
delivery vehicles
Improved safety: due to fewer at-grade rail crossings associated with less
heavy traffic
Greater route flexibility compared to traditional delivery vehicles, thus
enabling drivers to avoid delivery stops at highly-congested locations.
Possible Limitations
Limited package weights will prevent heavier or larger items from being
delivered via drone
Constrained flight times and ranges due to limited battery capacity
Designated drop-off locations may become difficult to determine in dense,
urban areas
Required collision avoidance systems and airspace control
regulations may become needed as drone deliveries are more
Usually, a rescue operation is a fight against time. You need to get the work
done fast and smoothly. This is where drones come in handy. With the help of
thermal sensors, drones can locate lost persons and are especially useful at
night or even in challenging terrains.
These can be deployed quickly and can travel through small spaces. Besides,
these aerial vehicles are also useful for sending in food or medical supplies to
unreachable locations before the rescue team comes in to help.
One of the most important applications for these unmanned vehicles lies in
disaster management. It is often seen that there is utter chaos and
mismanagement of resources soon after a disaster, be it a man-made or a
natural calamity. Drones could help you significantly here.
With powerful cameras, these devices could collect information and
pictures of the debris working in a specific area. You would get clearer
footages of the accident site without having to spend a lot of money on
Owing to the small size of the drones, they can usually penetrate into constricted
spaces. Add to that, effective cameras and this makes the drones suitable for
purposes of bomb detection. Thus, these aerial vehicles are apt for making us aware
of unexploded bombs and save lives.
Drones also have had an enormous effect in the field of 3D geographic
mapping. There are regions on the earth that are not easily accessible to
humans. This might include some dangerous coastlines or unattainable
mountain tops. But for the purpose of studying the terrain and preparing 3D
maps, drones have been put to use.
Drones have always risen to the occasion whenever they were needed .
they are truly an engineering spectacle , containing the best of
mechanical , electronics and software technology .
Drone will play a major role in almost all fields in near future .
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