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Custom Stickers 101

Custom Sticker 101
The unique custom stickers are the talk of the town! If you are looking to add a custom sticker to
any product, we have a wide variety of materials in interesting shapes (heart, circle, rectangle,
square, diamond, oval, etc.) to choose from along with the selected materials. Our custom
stickers and labels are made from quality grade vinyl materials and adhesives.
We aim to offer exceptional service tailored to your needs to help you enhance the
advertisement for your brands, products, and services in the highly competitive market. Also, we
guarantee a fast turnaround time and free delivery for bulk orders. We even offer discounts for
bulk orders. With our bulk order discount you can be sure you're getting a great price — the
more you buy, the more you save, it's that simple! No matter what you want, we're here for you
and we'll help you to save money while looking good. It's what we do.
And if you do run into any issues while creating your custom stickers or have any further
questions regarding your custom printed stickers, don't hesitate to contact our specialists. We
are more than happy to help you with our expertise and experience. Express yourself the easy
way with personalized stickers from Everlighten.
We have helped many organizations to create custom stickers of different kinds. Matt stickers
are more in demand than the glossy one. We offer a natural finish to a great extent and ensure
top quality and fine details. Design the one which explains your work and is unique to your
We offer a wide range of applications for any custom labels which are suitable for your
specifications. Simply pick the sizes, shapes, colors, and adhesives that you require for your
stickers. Talk to our friendly and courteous customer service representative for assistance. Call
us on (312) 212-3914 now.