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EverLighten Custom Patch 101

EverLighten Custom Patch 101
Custom made patches have always been trendy and admired by the people. These custom patches
provide an innovative way to make you stand out from the crowd. These patches are also known as
iron patches or sew patches. These custom patches are attached by stitching them to the cloth or
ironing them. Custom made patches are a great way to showcase your style statement, creativity,
and interests.
These patches allow you to express yourself better by adding your personal style to almost
anything in your wardrobe according to your interest. You can add these patches to your newly
bought plain leather jacket, jeans, shoes, hats or even on your backpacks with no limitations of
price, size, material, texture, color, durability or anything else.
Different types of patches!
The custom badges/patches are of different kinds and are attached in different ways-
Embroidered patches — Embroidered patches are the most common type of patches designed with
hundreds of colorful threads to match your custom designs. These are easily made and are
appealing to the eye.
Velcro patches — These durable and versatile patches are often used as military patches. The rough
side of the velcro patches allows you to attach them to the clothes, backpacks, jeans, caps, etc.
Woven patches — Woven patches are all about the minute detailing. These are mostly used in the
logo for the school uniforms.
PVC patches — PVC patches are of bright and vibrant colors. These patches are mostly the emblems
and are highly durable. These patches are mostly used for outdoor purposes and give a 3-D look.
Printed patches — The printed patches give a more detailed view of the design and appear more
realistic. These are affordable and mostly printed on T-shirts.
These custom patches are trendy and will attract attention. These are never out of style. We offer
fully customizable patches with different options and categories. You can choose the patches which
suit your needs.