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Future tends to count on renewable

Future tends to count on renewable power for electricity generation
Stations of renewable power has increased all over the world for multiple reasons, precisely for
a recent study assuring that the coast of generating electricity out of solar power or
wind power has become more economic than coal, gas and oil. In addition, changing to
renewable power is considered as a positive changing because the quarter of carbon dioxides'
emissions are caused by the stations of generating electricity out of fossil fuel.
power market expert of Berlin institute for economic recommendations (Prognoze) Frank
peter asserts that the coast of electricity generated out of renewable power is similar today to
that one of classical technology.
A study done by the aforementioned institute compared between the coasts of generating
electricity using techniques of different energy stations in Germany within forty years and
found that the minimal coast of generated electricity out of wind in the windy northern
areas over the long haul is often 5.9 cents for each kilowatt per hour. While the coast of wind
energy would reach averagely 9 cents according to peter who also works as a consular for the
European countries of electricity, utilities, governmental units and factories.
The study also found that the middle area in Germany is the only area in which electricity that
is based on fossil fuel is cheaper than wind and the sun.
In addition, Prognoze institute has also studied the coast of generated electricity out of wind
and the sun in the enormous fields of south Europe and the north of Africa with which it is rich
and the coast of transmitting it for thousands of kilometers towards Europe, an initiation done
by Desertic within a project for the solar system in northern Africa.
According to peter, the coast of a kilowatt of generated electricity out of the solar power in the
south of Europe could be between five or six cents in the short term, to which 2.5 or 3 cents for
each kilowatt are added due to the transmission to Germany. Therefor transmitting power for
long distances is economically ineffectual according to the German expert.
However, he sees that renewable power is about to prosper in Europe, where plans of building
stations of power that counts on fuel and coal will fallback, by which he confirms that currently
there are no plans for building stations of power counting on gas or coal in the middle area or
the south area of Europe.
Therefore, companies of power generation out of coal or with classical techniques aggrieved
because of these developments tends to do without gas and coal stations because it is no longer
profitable and also to teardown some other stations. Among these companies the colossal
German company of power "RWE" announced its affiliation to the new trend at power domain
in Europe according to domestic strategical plans.
One of the most important sources of carbon dioxide emissions in Europe RWE is because of its
factories that produce power counting on fossil fuel. It is expected that produced power using
classical methods will limit to the fifth of the hole amount in 2020, while produced amount
using those methods reached more than the half in 2012.