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Letter to Kensuke

Letter to Kensuke
noam cheriau, 25 lines, 128 words
Hello Kensuke,
I hope that you are still alive, and all is well on the
island. I thank you for saving me from the jelly fish. It’s
been for one year that we didn’t see each other. I miss
you a lot. Stella also misses you a lot. She always keeps
whit her the bottle carrying the message to my parents.
Do you remember when you discovered it you were so
angry? We are sad without you. I want to come back to
the island. And you, do you miss us? Now, I study
drawing at school. I’m getting better every day. Each
time that I paint, it remembers me the hours spent
painting together. Today, I live in London. I have a
Japanese tree in my garden. Do you recall that it was
the first drawing you showed me? How has Kikanbo
growned? Is he still always excited? Do you play
soccer? I remember us playing soccer together on the
beach. We were so happy. Why don’t you leave your
island? I know your attached to the gibbons, but don’t
you want to see us? I have done a research on your
family. Kimi and Michaya are still alive. Please come
back to our world.
Michael, your friend.