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52 Easy Yet Highly Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself

52 Easy Yet Highly Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself
Close your eyes, and visualize yourself reaching your goals.
2. Try something new today.
3. Take a walk in a park, and let nature reset your mind.
4. Make a to-do list.
5. Get more sleep.
6. Drink coffee for a quick jolt.
7. Start exercising, and you'll feel like yourself.
8. Take a small step toward the completion of your project.
9. Wake yourself up from your slump with a cold shower.
10. Have a reward system, so you'll have something to look forward to.
11. When doing a task you don't want to do, play energizing music to help you get through
12. Get the hard stuff done first thing in the morning.
13. Prepare early so you're not in a rush.
14. Push yourself.
15. Grow your willpower.
16. Make motivating yourself into a habit.
17. Set a deadline for a task to spur you to get it done before the time is up.
18. Focus on one thing at the time.
19. Get a friend to join you to make whatever you're doing more enjoyable.
20. Clean up your home or your workspace, and you'll feel like you can get more done in a
decluttered environment.
21. Let go of your fears, and you may feel brave enough to take on challenging tasks.
22. Eat right.
23. Take a break to get some rest and recharge your mind.
24. Do something you enjoy when you first get up.
25. Share your goals with others.
26. Fake it till you make it.
27. Focus on the positive instead of the negative, and you'll feel more inclined to start new
projects and take risks.
28. Bring light into your room.
29. Find out what it'll take to get there.
30. Encourage others, and you'll automatically start seeing encouragement from them in
31. Don't compare yourself with others or you'll get discouraged.
32. Have realistic expectations.
33. Stay excited.
34. If you fail, pick yourself up and keep going.
35. Keep track with a journal.
36. Read biographies of the people you look up to for inspiration.
37. Listen to motivation stories from audiobooks, TED Talks, documentaries, and more.
38. Place motivational quotes around your home and workspace.
39. Volunteer.
40. Read The Last Lecture.
41. Dress to impress yourself.
42. Write down a few things you're grateful for.
43. Reflect on the times when you worked hard and succeeded at your task.
44. Remind yourself that it's better to try and fail or succeed than living with regrets.
45. Give yourself a pep talk, and tell yourself that you are awesome.
46. Drop the projects that you might not be totally committed to and focus on the ones
you're really passionate about.
47. Tell yourself that nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
48. Know that only you have the power to create your dreams and generate motivation.
49. Write down where you see yourself in five years, and stick that note in a visible place.
50. Turn it into a challenge with a time limit.
51. Set your alarm clock to remind you when it's time to start on your task.
52. Find something you truly enjoy, and do it.