Curriculum vitae Last name: de Waziers First name

Curriculum vitae
Last name: de Waziers First name: Isabelle
Date of birth: 14 October 1954
Birth place: Neuilly sur Seine (92), France
Widowed, two children
Address: 8 rue Paul Hervieu, 75015 Paris, France
INSERM U775 (director: Pr. P. Laurent-Puig)
Molecular basis of responses to xenobiotics
45 rue des Saints Pères, 75270 Paris Cedex 06, France
Tel: 33 (1) 42 86 21 49
Fax: 33 (1) 42 86 20 72
e-mail: [email protected]
Habilitation to manage researches (University Paris V, France)
PhD: Molecular Pharmacology, Experimental Pharmacology and
PhD: Physiology of Nutrition (University Paris VI, France)
Masters Degree in Nutrition (university Paris VI, France)
From 2006
INSERM U775 (address above)
INSERM U490, Laboratory of Molecular Toxicology, 45 rue des Saints
Pères, 75270 Paris Cedex 06. France
INSERM U75, CHU-Necker, 156 rue de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris, France
Laboratory of Industrial and Agro-alimentary Biology
CNAM, 292, rue Saint Martin, 75131 Paris Cedex 03, France.
Institute of Scientific Research in Cancer
Laboratory of Cellular Toxicology
7 rue Guy Moquet, 94802 Villejuif, France
INSERM U177, Laboratory of Physiopathology of Nutrition
15-21 rue de Médecine, 75270 Paris Cedex 06
Specialist areas
Xenobiotic metabolism, Toxicology, Molecular Biology, Cancer, Resistance to
chemotherapy, gene therapy, Macroarray technology.
Member of administration council of the Faculty of Medicine of Saints Pères
Member of the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics and of the French
Society of Biologists and Molecular Biologists
Other activities
Mayor of Lignières en Vimeu (80) from 1995
Vice-President of the Community of Communes of the Region of Oisemont from 2001
List of publications. Dr. Isabelle de Waziers.
Last 5 years corresponding to 10/59 publications
Dutheil F, Dauchy M, Diry M, Sazdovitch V, Cloarec O, Mellottée L, Bièche I, IngelmanSundberg M, Flinois JP, de Waziers I, Beaune P, Declèves X, Duyckaerts C and Loriot MA.
Xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes and transporters in the normal human brain: regional and
cellular mapping as a basis for putative roles of cerebral function. Drug Metabol. Dispos.
2009, 37:1528-1538.
Narjoz C, Marisa L, Imbeaud S, Paris Al, Delacroix H, Beaune P and de Waziers I. Genomic
consequences of cytochrome P450 2C9 (P450 2C9) overexpression in human hepatoma cells,
Chem Res Toxicol, 2009, 22 :779-787.
Dauchy S, Miller F, Couraud PO, Weaver J, Weksler B, Romero IA, Schermann JM, de
Waziers I and Declèves X. Expression of ABC transporters, cytochromes P450 and
transcription factors in hCMEC/D3 human cerebral microvascular endothelial cells. Biochem
Pharmacol, 2009, 77:897-909.
Dauchy S, Dutheil F, Weaver RJ, Chassoux F. Daumas-Duport C, Couraud PO, Scherrmann
JM, de Waziers I and Declèves X. ABC transporters, cytochromes P450 and their main
transcription factors: expression at the human blood brain barrier. J Neurochem, 2008,
Nguyen TA, Tychopoulos M, Bichat F, Zimmermann C, Flinois JP, Diry M, Ahlberg E,
Delaforge M, Corcos L, Beaune P, Dansette P, André F and de Waziers I. Improvement of
Cyclophosphamide Activation by CYP2B6 Mutants: from in Silico to ex Vivo. Mol
Pharmacol, 2008, 73:1122-1133.
Valentova K, Truong NT, Moncion A, de Waziers I and Jitka Ulrichova. Induction of
glucokinase mRNA by dietary phenolic compounds in rat liver cells in vitro. J. Agr. Food
Chem. 2007, 55:7726-7731.
Bièche I., Narjoz C., Asselah T., Vacher S., Marcellin P., Lidereau R., Beaune P. and de
Waziers I. RT-PCR quantification of mRNA levels from cytochrome (CYP)1, CYP2 and
CYP3 families in different human tissues. Pharmacogenetics Genomics, 2007, 17:721-742.
Girault I., Rougier N, Chesné C, Lidereau R, Beaune, Bièche I and de Waziers I.
Simultaneous measurement of 23 isoforms from the human cytochrome P450 families 1-3 by
quantitative RT-PCR. Drug Metabol. Dispos. 2005, 33:1-8.
Tychopoulos M,Corcos L, Genne P, Beaune P and de Waziers I. A virus-directed enzyme
prodrug therapy (VDEPT) strategy for lung cancer using a CYP2B6/NADPH-cytochrome
P450 reductase fusion protein. Cancer Gene Ther. 2005, 12:497-508.
Truong NT, Moncion A, Barouki R, Beaune P and de Waziers I. Regulatory sequence
responsible for insulin destabilization of CYP2B1mRNA. Biochem. J. 2005, 388:227-235.
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