Louise-Amélie Schmitt PhD student Key skills

Louise-Amélie Schmitt
PhD student
Key skills
OS GNU/Linux (Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu), Mac, Windows
Languages Python, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, Perl, D, PHP, R
Other SQL, script shell, HTML, CSS, Ajax, LATEX
Work experience
2012 PhD student, Bordeaux Laboratory of Computer Science Research (LaBRI) - Bordeaux
(Current) Bioinformatics Center (CBiB), Bordeaux.
Development of viral genomic sequences specific models
{ Metagenomic data analysis in collaboration with the l’Institut National de Recherche
{ Creation of virale genomes specific signatures
{ Tools development for alignment-free viral sequences classification
2012 Teaching Assistant, Bordeaux 1 University Institute of Technology, Computer science
(Current) department, Bordeaux.
{ Teaching the basics of UNIX-like systems and shell scripting to first-year students
{ Project supervision scheduled for semester 2 with second-year students
2012 Genome Biology Computational Support, EMBL, Heidelberg.
(6 months) { Support, communication and teaching on the Galaxy workflow manager,
{ Development and release of the GeneCore Bridge, pipeline to pre-process and store NextGeneration Sequencing data from the in-house LIMS in Galaxy and BioArray Software Environment (BASE),
{ Deployment of Galaxy on the EMBL cluster (PBS Pro)
2012 Consulting, Sophia Genetics, Lausanne.
(2 months) SNP calling on cancer-related events and clinical data analysis pipeline optimization
2011 Internship: Functional Genomics Center, EMBL, Heidelberg.
(6 months) { Deployment of the Galaxy platform in production and optimization of resources management,
{ Plug-in development for Galaxy including graphical reports (QA, read mapping, etc.),
{ Creation of a pipeline prototype for automated NGS data loading Galaxy
2010 Internship: JEE interface building for the ACoM software, LaBRI, Bordeaux.
(3 months) Development as a five-person team of a web interface to AcoM (a command-line elementary
modes and metabolic networks analysis program) featuring file preprocessing automation, statistical
analysis, and results display using interactive graphs and charts.
2009 Internship: Online storage and database building for electrophysiological record(2 months) ings archiving with PHP and MySQL, UMR5227, Movement Adaptation Cognition
Laboratory, Bordeaux.
Development of a web interface + database with a secure access over the Internet
LaBRI - 351, cours de la Libération F-33405 Talence cedex
CBiB - 146 rue Léo Saignat 33076 Bordeaux cedex
H +33 6 73 34 14 36 • B [email protected] • 30 years old
2011 Master’s degree in bioinformatics, University of Bordeaux 1, Valedictorian of year 2.
Option: Object-oriented programming (C++, Java)
2008 Licence degree in Cellular Biology and Physiology, University of Bordeaux 2.
Options: Informatics (Python, PHP/MySQL) and Neurosciences (neurophysiology and behavior)
2005 Licence degree in Languages Applied to International Busines, Faculty of Litterature,
Languages, Arts and Social Studies, La Rochelle.
America-oriented curriculum (English, Spanish, Portuguese), including a full semester spent in
Spain (5 months) through the Erasmus program. Introduction to simultaneous interpretation and
patent translating
English Fluent (spoken daily for 1 year)
Spanish Excellent (5-month stay in Spain)
Portuguese Read
{ Author and illustrator on bioinfo-fr.net
{ Created and now managing bioinfo.labri.fr
LaBRI - 351, cours de la Libération F-33405 Talence cedex
CBiB - 146 rue Léo Saignat 33076 Bordeaux cedex
H +33 6 73 34 14 36 • B [email protected] • 30 years old