Charna Dibner Publications

Charna Dibner Publications
Peer-reviewed publications
1. Pulimeno, T. Mannic, D. Sage, L. Giovannoni, P. Salmon, S. Lemeille, M. Giry-Laterriere,
M. Unser, D. Bosco, C. Bauer, J. Morf, P. Halban, J. Philippe, C. Dibner Autonomous and
self-sustained circadian oscillators displayed in human islet cells. Diabetologia (2013),
featured article, in press.
2. Gonzalez Rodriguez E, Hernandez A, Dibner C, Koehler Ballan B, Pechère-Bertschi A.
Rev Med Suisse. 2012 Sep 12;8(353):1709-12, 1714-5. French.
Manuscripts in preparation
1. T. Mannic, P. Meyer, F. Triponez, M. Pusztaszeri, D. Sage, J. Philippe and C. Dibner.
“Circadian oscillator characteristics in healthy thyroid tissue and in thyroid nodules”.
Research article in preparation for submission to Cancer Research.
2. A.-M. Makhlouf, P. Meyer, C. Tran, Z. Pataky, S. Brown, C. Pichard, J. Philippe, C. Dibner.
“Inverse correlation between HbAc1 value and the period length of skin fibroblast
oscillation in type 2 diabetic individuals”. Brief communication in preparation for
submission to Diabetes.