french 321 french translation

The practice and theory of translation will be the goal of this course. By the translation of a
variety of texts, the class will engage in the discussion of important concepts and objectives
of translation as well as being sensitized to the functioning of language. Exercises to hone
translation skills and analyses of examples of translations will be some of the activities in
this class.
Prof M. Barsoum
Office 1311 HW
Office hours: MWTH 4 -5
Tel: 650-3511
French 321
25 aout
Introduction IProverbes
Exercice 1 - Utilisation des dictionnaires
Exercice 2 - Utilisations des dictionnaires (suite)
Exercice 3 - Nombre
Exercice 4 Le Motjuste (conge 9/1)
Exercice 5 Predominance du substantif en fran£ais
Exercice 6 Adjectifs de relation
Exercice 7 Faux amis de structure TEST: Le~ons 1-5
Exercice 8 Noms et Adjectifs composes
Exercice 9 Locutions prepositives
Exercice 10 Etoffements ) (conge 9/29 & 1011)
Exercice 11 Transposition
Exercice 12 Equivalence
Exercice 13 Le Concret et I' Abstrait
Exercice 14 "It" (conge 10/13 &Tuesday follows Monday's
MIDTERM Le~ons 6-12 & 4
Exercice 15 Derivation irreguliere
Exercice 16 Derivation irreguliere
Exercice 17 Prepositions
Exercice 18 Perils du verbe
TEST : Le~ons 13-16
Exercice 19 "Up" and "Out" ou Ie sens derive des prepositions
Exercice 20 Faux-Amis ou Mots-Sosies
Traduction - Mark Twain
Exercice 21
Exercice 22
EXIGENCES DU COURS: examen de mi-semestre 20% examen fmal 30%
devoirs 20% epreuves 20% participation 10%
Books on Translation:
Henri Mechonnic. Pour la Poetique II. Paris, Gallimard, 1973
George Steiner, After Babel. Oxford Unvi Press, 1975
Eugene Nida, Toward a Science of Translating. La Haye, MOunton, 1964
Eugene Nida & C. Taber. Theory and Practice of Translation. La Haye, Mounton,
Students should refrain from eating and drinking in class and should turn off cell phones and beepers.
The final exam will not be administered to individual students before the scheduled date
except in case of an emergency
Hunter College Policy on Academic Integrity: "Hunter College regards acts of academic dishonesty (e.g.
plagiarism, cheating on examinations, obtaining unfair advantage, and falsification of records and official
documents) as serious offences against the values of intellectual honesty. The College is committed to
enforcing the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity and will pursue cases of academic dishonesty
according to the Hunter College Academic Integrity Procedures"
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