Résumé du séminaire donné par

Résumé du séminaire donné par
Dr. Michael WEBER
Institut de Génétique Moléculaire du CNRS, UMR 5535, Montpellier
le 5 février 2010 à 14h
Amphi J.-P. EBEL - ESBS
Titre :
Epigenomic mapping reveals distribution and function of DNA methylation in
Résumé :
Cytosine methylation is an epigenetic modification essential for mammalian
development and perturbed in many pathologies such as cancer. However its
functions in the regulation of the genome remain poorly understood. We use
genome-wide mapping to identify targets of DNA methylation in mammalian cells,
which revealed that DNA methylation is involved in the regulation of genes important
for development and pluripotency. Recently, using optimized mapping strategies for
low amounts of cells, we showed that DNA methylation plays important roles in
establishing stable gene repression during early mouse development in vivo. Future
work will aim at understanding the function of DNA methylation in lineage
specification and transgenerational effects, as well as the mechanisms that
specifically target DNA methylation in the genome.