Le 22-23 septembre

Let’s go back to the verb endings.
 What are our 3 infinitive endings?
 ER
 IR
 RE
 What is an infinitive?
 An unconjugated verb
 In other words, a verb in the “to ________” form
 Ie: To scratch (not he scratches)
 Ie: To yawn (not they yawn)
L’emploi du temps
 Qui est présent?
 La conjuguation
 Bocal à poissons
Infinitif ou non?
 Walk
 Talking
 To say
 Jumped
 To swim
 Playing
 Cried
 Says
 To fidget
What’s all this about conjugation?
 If we want to use a sentence, we must change the verb
 For example, “to talk”
 Next to the subject pronouns, we change the infinitive
form of the verb
I talk
We talk
You talk
You (all) talk
He/she/one talks
They talk
The extra “s” on the he/she/one form is the correct
conjugation, the other 5 forms are the same
Now let’s look at it in French
 You have to change more than one form in French!
 Let’s review our subject pronouns:
 I?
 Je
 You (singular)?
 Tu
 He/She/One?
 Il/elle/on
Plural forms
 We?
 Nous
 You (all, formal)?
 Vous
 They?
 Ils/elles
 Ils all male or mixed group
 Elles all female
Now for the endings
Our infinitive is PARLER
1. Take off the –ER PARL
2. Add on:
(je) parle
(tu) parles
(il/elle/on) parle
(nous) parlons
(vous) parlez
(ils/elles) parlent
Et voilà! C’est un verbe conjugué 
 Chantons!
 Let’s learn the song
 Tune of “Frère Jacques”
E, ES, E (X2)
ONS (X2)
EZ (X6 fast)
ENT (X2)
 Define & Conjugate “danser”
 To dance
 Je danse
 Tu danses
 Il/elle/on danse
 Nous dansons
 Vous dansez
 Ils/elles dansent
 http://www.laits.utexas.edu/tex/gr/ver1.html
 http://www.quia.com/cz/185266.html?AP_rand=15297
 http://www.quia.com/quiz/385689.html?AP_rand=137
Les devoirs
 Pick 5 -ER verbs from troisième étape
 Write for each verb:
 The infinitive form
 The English definition
 All 6 conjugated forms with their subject pronouns
 Your options are: *nager, écouter, regarder, aimer,
adorer, étudier, préférer, détester
Jouons: Bocal à poissons!
 You may move on to the next word when someone
correctly writes the word on their whiteboard.
Each person gets 1 minute per turn.
Round 1 : Describe as many words as you can in one
minute. ie Ecouter de la musique it means “to listen
to music”
Round 2 : Using one word only, you must get the class
to guess the vocabulary word or phrase that you pick.
ie écouter de la musique  iPod
Round 3: You have one minute to act out the word
that you pick. Ie: Charades
 Your team gets 2 points for every word/phrase they
guess with the correct article, only one point if the
word is correct but no or incorrect article
If the first answer from the starting team is incorrect,
it goes to the other team to guess
If the second team still does not give the correct
answer, the first team gets another chance for 1 point
You may pass one word per turn
The winning team gets a très cool French sticker
Alternative Assignment
 Exercises 18 through 24 (except 19) in Grammar &
Vocabulary (pages 7-9)
 Exercises 9-13 (NOT 8) in Practice & Activity Book