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washer type shims B13 fuel injector washer replacement

washer type shims B13 fuel injector washer replacement
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#This is shary ,China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional OEM & Aftermarket parts
supplier, which specialized in diesel engine parts.Our main products include Head Rotor
(VE Pump Parts), Injector Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery Valve, Control Valves, Injectors, Cam
Disk, Repair Kits,Feed Pump and more.China Lutong Parts Plant is your online Diesel
Engine Parts Store,offers a highly efficient way of purchasing high performance Auto
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Our main items:
1. Common nozzle /Injector
2. Diesel plunger /Element
3. Head rotor (Ve pump or For Lucas)
4. Repair kit for ve pump or injector
5. Delivery valve
6. Control valve
7. Tester for nozzle or CR injector and pump
8. Common Rail Pressure Limiting Valve
9. Common rail injector contro valve
10. Common rail injector shim
11. Ve Injection-Pump and common rail pump
12. Ve Solenoid and Common rail injector Solenoid
13. Ve Drive-Shaft
14. Diesel fuel pump cam plate
15. Ve feed pump
16. And so on