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Growth Matrix Reviews Is The Growth Matrix Male Enhancement Penis Enlargement System Scam or Legit

Growth Matrix Reviews: Is The
Growth Matrix Male Enhancement
Penis Enlargement System Scam or
The Growth Matrix is an online program designed for men who want to increase
the size, length, and girth of their penis.
By following The Growth Matrix Program, you can purportedly get bigger, stronger, and harder in
just minutes a day using a behind-the-scenes method from the porn industry.
Is The Growth Matrix legit or is it a scam? How does The Growth Matrix work? Can you really
increase the size of your penis with just minutes per day? Keep reading to find out everything you
need to know about The Growth Matrix today in our review.
What is The Growth Matrix?
The Growth Matrix is a penis enlargement program available exclusively online
through GetGrowthMatrix
The program is marketed to men who want to increase the size of their penis using proven
The Growth Matrix was created by a male porn star. That porn star claims he and his coworkers use
proven, daily methods to increase penis size. In The Growth Matrix, he’s giving men a behind-thescenes look at some of the best and most proven penis enlargement strategies used by industry
insiders every day.
The Growth Matrix is priced at a one-time fee of $67 and backed by a 365-day moneyback
guarantee. If you don’t get a larger penis within 365 days of following The Growth Matrix program,
then you can request a complete refund.
The Growth Matrix Benefits
According to customer testimonials shared on the official website, many men have permanently
increased penis size using the strategies in The Growth Matrix.
One man claims his penis is 8” long after following The Growth Matrix program, for example.
Another man claims the program added 1.5” to his penis within two months. Many men have
rejuvenated their sex lives and impressed their wives or partners with the program.
Here are some of the benefits of The Growth Matrix, according to the official website:
Add up to 3.4” to your penis within 30 days
Use a proven, ultra-targeted advanced growth system
Stimulate the shaft and head
Turn your girl from an orgasm faker into someone who orgasms multiple times a night
Use a “porn star activation system” to enhance control of your penis and easily get hard on-
• Enjoy a series of easy-to-follow videos to discover the proven process in 20 minutes or less
Once you’ve learned about The Growth Matrix’s enlargement system from the videos, you can
practice it yourself with under 2 minutes per day. Some of the techniques take just seconds to
implement. Others involve a brief, 2-minute process easy to perform at home.
How Does The Growth Matrix Work?
The Growth Matrix teaches you a 2-minute morning ritual used by porn stars to increase the size of
their penis. You can perform this 2-minute ritual at home, every day, to permanently increase the
size of your penis within weeks.
According to the official website, The Growth Matrix can solve virtually every sexual health
problem faced by men. In addition to increasing penis size, the system claims to enhance control,
boost orgasm intensity, and help you become a god in the bedroom.
Your purchase of The Growth Matrix includes a package of guides and videos teaching you how to
permanently increase the size of your penis. You can discover simple remedies you can perform at
home to increase the size, length, and girth of your penis starting today, for example.
You can also discover strategies for boosting control. There’s even an exercise program for your
penis to give it the ultimate workout in 7 minutes or less.
What Will You Learn in The Growth Matrix?
Some of the topics covered in The Growth Matrix include:
• The 3-second secret you must follow to flip on your penis growth switch.
• How to create the penis enlargement equivalent of muscle confusion for rapid and sustained
• How to enjoy natural growth to avoid having a banana-shaped penis.
• How to thicken your penis to help reach the female G-spot.
• How to ignite the afterburners and continue to stimulate growth even when not exercising.
• How to take advantage of increased blood pressure in your penis to increase the hardness
and staying power of erections.
• How to use a common household item sitting in your bathroom right now to relax the
spongy muscles of your dick and prime your penis for advanced growth.
• The #1 simple trick to get an instant, massive, and thick erection to make her eyes roll back
in your head when you plunge inside her.
• Advanced video tutorials for rapid and massive growth.
The Growth Matrix Is On Sale Now For A Limited Time!
The Story Behind The Growth Matrix
The Growth Matrix was created by porn star Ryan McClane and a team of researchers at
WeTeachSex. Ryan claims he and his porn star colleagues use the system daily to increase penis
size and control.
Ryan was motivated to develop The Growth Matrix after struggling with a small penis for most of
his life. In his early 20s, Ryan’s penis was 5.5”, and his girlfriend left him for a man with a bigger
Ryan decided to find out why some men had bigger penises than others. He conducted hundreds of
hours of research.
One day, Ryan ended up in a seedy porn store called Jack’s XXX Shack. He was looking for natural
ways to increase the size of his penis – like a penis pump. Instead, he met a male porn star, Johnny
X, who told him the secret to increasing penis size.
That porn star told Ryan about penis enlargement research from Harvard-trained urologists, who
traced the remedy back to the ancient sultans of Arabia. The sultans of the Arabic world used the
remedy in their harem to please their legions of lustful concubines.
After two weeks of following Johnny X’s penis enlargement system, Ryan had increased his size
significantly. He showed his newly enlarged penis to a porn producer, who invited him to a shoot.
Today, Ryan is a successful porn star – and he attributes his success to The Growth Matrix system.
Today, you can use that same remedy to increase the size of your penis – even if you’re not a sultan
or porn star.
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The Growth Matrix Uses Growth Traction and “Strooming”
to Increase Penis Size
The Growth Matrix enlarges your penis using something called growth traction.
According to the makers of The Growth Matrix, you can increase penis size by up to 3.4” in just 30
days using the power of growth traction.
Growth traction is like a series of exercises for your penis. Just like you workout your biceps and
triceps and other muscles, you can work out the muscles in and around your penis to increase
Growth traction is “an open secret in the porn industry,” according to the creators of The Growth
Matrix. Many male porn stars use the system to increase penis size within weeks, transforming their
Here’s how the makers of The Growth Matrix describe growth traction and how it works:
“The secret…was the careful stimulation of soft tissue to increase muscle tissue protein synthesis.”
In The Growth Matrix, you can discover simple, proven techniques you can perform at home to
increase muscle tissue protein synthesis, encouraging the growth of new skin cells and muscle
tissue in and around your penis. According to Ryan and his team, these techniques can add 3.4” to
your penis within just 30 days, transforming your sex life forever.
Scientific Evidence for The Growth Matrix
The Growth Matrix is based on an ancient Arabic remedy for sexual dysfunction. The creators of
the program based it on a remedy from the ancient harems of Arabia. Today, that same remedy is
backed by research by Harvard-trained urologists. We’ll review some of the evidence behind The
Growth Matrix below to see if it really works.
Ryan, who created The Growth Matrix program, claims to have completed a small trial involving a
group of men from outside the porn industry. These men followed The Growth Matrix for weeks
and experienced dramatic results. Here’s how that trial worked:
Ryan gathered a group of men from outside the porn industry, including men of all ages and sizes.
He sent them the complete seminar, then asked them to share their results. Ryan also sent weekly
training session videos.
Soon after starting the program, men in the trial had penises “shooting up like thick beanstalks.” As
proof, Ryan share a series of before-and-after images of men experiencing dramatic improvements,
with some men appearing to have doubled the size of their erect penis with the program.
Much of The Growth Matrix focuses on “strooming,” or exercising and moving your penis in a
specific way to stimulate growth. Also known as penis stretching, the system is backed by mixed
results in scientific studies. Some studies show penis stretching helps, while other studies show it
has limited impact.
A 2011 study found men who wore penis traction devices for 9 hours per day over 3 months
increased length by 1 inch.
A 2013 review, meanwhile, found penis traction devices were best used for correcting penis
curvature and deformities instead of increasing length.
Meanwhile, a 2016 report found penis traction devices had negligible effects on penis length. Some
men reported a small increase after using the devices, while others experienced no change
Overall, The Growth Matrix has endorsements from multiple porn stars who claim to use the system
daily to increase penis size, along with reviews from ordinary guys who have increased the size of
their penis from under 5” to over 7” within weeks of using the program.
What’s Included with The Growth Matrix?
As part of a 2023 promotion, your purchase of The Growth Matrix comes with a bundle of bonus
guides and videos.
Here’s everything you get when you order The Growth Matrix online today:
The Growth Matrix Program: The core of The Growth Matrix is complete access to the Growth
Matrix program, which is the same system used by world-famous porn stars. The system teaches
you proven, muscle protein synthesis-stimulating techniques to permanently increase the size of
your penis within just weeks. Over a series of videos, Ryan explains exactly what to do to increase
the size of your penis. Ryan shows you the correct way to grip your penis, the precise movements to
master, and the steps to take each day. You can master the program in 20 minutes, then repeat it
daily to increase penis size.
Immediate Inches Quick Start Guide: Want to discover the most important parts of The Growth
Matrix immediately? This quick start guide can catch you up. It’s also a good reference after
reading the core program and completing the videos. You can instantly see what you need to do to
increase penis size.
The Growth Matrix Platinum Video Series: In this video series, male porn star Ryan McClane
teaches you, in step-by-step form, how to permanently increase the size of your penis, enhance
control, and solve other sexual performance problems. Ryan breaks it down in a no-nonsense way,
demonstrating exactly what to do for proven results.
Total Growth Matrix Mastery: This guide reveals some of the science behind the program,
including scientific evidence supporting the techniques, the specific interactions taking place when
you perform the workouts, and more.
6 And A Half Minutes to a Monster Cock Workout Program: In this video, you can discover a 6
and a half minute workout program to exercise your penis every day. Just like you workout your
arms and legs every day, you can workout your penis for better performance.
The Porn Star Playbook: This guide features a collection of sex tips used in the porn industry for
better sex, increased chance of female orgasm, and overall better sexual performance. It’s a
collection of behind-the-scenes tips for better length, girth, and performance.
The Digital Growth Tracking System: Want to track how much your penis has grown with The
Growth Matrix? Your purchase includes a digital growth tracking system to track your progress.
Complete Access to Members-Only Platform: You access all of the digital content in The Growth
Matrix via a members-only platform. That platform makes it easy to download the guides, watch
the videos, and maximize your chances of success with the program.
Access to Trained Growth Matrix Experts & Customer Service Team: Your purchase includes
access to a team of Growth Matrix experts. These experts are standing by 24/7 to answer questions
and help you make the most of the program. They also act as a customer service team for general
concerns, questions, and complaints.
Free Bonus #1: The Magic Beanstalk Length Routine: 5 Powerful Lengthening Techniques for
an Ultra Targeted Advanced Growing System: This free bonus guide teaches you about an ultratargeted advanced growing system. You can purportedly add 1.5” in additional length within just
three weeks. Those gains are on top of the gains you already made with the core Growth Matrix
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Free Bonus #2: Release the Beast Girth Routine: A Combination of Powerful Strooming
Techniques for Major Increased Girth: In this guide, you’ll discover “strumming” or “strooming”
techniques to stimulate the shaft and head of your penis to increase girth. This guide can turn your
partner from an orgasm faker into someone who comes multiple times a night.
Free Bonus #3: Porn Star Activation System: A Very Simple But Incredibly Powerful
Technique to Take Control of Your Cock: Whether you’re 20 or 60, some guys have trouble
performing. In this guide, you can discover a “porn star activation system” used in the industry to
take control of your penis. It’s a simple, incredibly powerful technique used by male porn stars
before shooting a scene. Whether you’re struggling to stay hard or dealing with control issues, this
system could help.
Free Bonus #4: 14 Day Subscription to WTS Magazine: All Growth Matrix purchases come with
a 14-day trial subscription to WTS Magazine. You have 14 days to try the magazine and decide if
it’s right for you. After 14 days, you’ll automatically be charged $15.46 per week, billed monthly to
maintain your monthly membership. Call 1-877-207-1492 to cancel your membership and avoid
future charges.
The Growth Matrix Reviews: What Do Customers Say?
The Growth Matrix is backed by strong reviews from customers who claim to have permanently
increased the size, length, and girth of their penis using the system.
In fact, The Growth Matrix has endorsements from several male porn stars who claim the system
turned them from an ordinary guy into a sex god.
Meanwhile, ordinary guys have used the program to increase penis size, and many men have shared
dramatic before-and-after transformations of their penis as proof.
Here are some of The Growth Matrix reviews shared on the official website:
One porn star describes The Growth Matrix as his “co-star” because of how it transformed his life.
That man used to be sensitive about his small penis. At 5.5”, he was on the wrong side of average.
In his early 20s, his girlfriend left him because his penis was too small. He decided to make a
change. Today, he claims to have an 8” penis because of The Growth Matrix.
Another porn star, Alex Mack, likes The Growth Matrix for keeping his penis “long, thick and
ready” for any shoot. He likes the program because it includes everything you need to satisfy a girl
with a large penis.
Will Pounder, another male porn star, recommends The Growth Matrix to anyone who wants
incredible length and gith.
According to Ryan and The Growth Matrix team, “it’s not unheard of to add 4 inches to your cock”
with the program.
One man claims he started using The Growth Matrix five months ago. His penis used to be so small
he would struggle with ordinary sex positions. He wasn’t large enough to enter his wife from
behind, and he was embarrassed to measure at around 5”. Today, his penis is “over 7 inches” thanks
to The Growth Matrix, and his wife begs for sex multiple times a week.
The Growth Matrix has reviews from customers of all ages – including men in their 60s and older
who have experienced significant results.
One 52-year old man had a 4-inch penis for his entire life until he started to use The Growth Matrix.
He assumed his sex life was never going to change. Then, the program grew his penis to nearly 7
inches, changing his sex life forever.
Based on before-and-after images shared online, some men have doubled their penis size using The
Growth Matrix, increasing length and girth significantly as proven by sharing pictures of their penis
next to a measuring tape.
Overall, The Growth Matrix has hundreds of five-star reviews from men around the world who
claim to have significantly increased the size of their penis using the program.
The Growth Matrix Pricing
The Growth Matrix is priced at a one-time fee of $67. You pay $67 today and get lifetime access to
The Growth Matrix and everything included with the system.
Here’s how pricing works when ordering The Growth Matrix online today:
• The Growth Matrix + Bonuses: $67 (Click here to buy now!)
You receive immediate access to The Growth Matrix after making your payment online. You access
all materials via the member portal.
The Growth Matrix Hidden Fees
Your purchase of The Growth Matrix comes with a free 14-day subscription to WTS Magazine. If
you don’t cancel your subscription within 14 days, then you’ll continue to be charged. You must call
the company to cancel before the 14 day window expires to avoid costly hidden fees.
Here’s how The Growth Matrix’s hidden subscription works:
You receive a free 14 day subscription to WTS Magazine with all purchases of The Growth Matrix
After 14 days, you’ll automatically be charged $61.84 per month ($15.46 per week, billed monthly)
to activate your full subscription
If you don’t call the company to cancel, then you will continue to be charged $61.84 per month
You can cancel your WTS Magazine subscription at any point by calling 1-877-207-1492; if you
cancel within the 14 day trial window, you can avoid all future charges
The Growth Matrix Refund Policy
The Growth Matrix comes with a 365-day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete
refund on your purchase within 365 days with no questions asked.
If The Growth Matrix did not permanently increase the size of your penis, or if you’re unhappy with
the program for any reason, then contact the company within one full year to request a complete
About WeTeachSex
The Growth Matrix was developed by an online sexual health brand called WeTeachSex.
WeTeachSex partnered with male porn star Ryan McClane to create the program.
Ryan has had a long career in the porn industry. Despite having a 5.5” penis in his 20s, Ryan
increased the size of his penis to over 8” using secret industry techniques. When the pandemic
shutdown porn shoots, Ryan decided to record some of his strategies to help other guys like him.
You can contact WeTeachSex and the Growth Matrix customer service team via the following:
• Phone: 1-877-207-1492
In addition to selling The Growth Matrix online, WeTeachSex sells other porn star guides, female
orgasm guides, sex tip eBooks, and more.
Final Word
The Growth Matrix is a package of guides and videos teaching you a porn industry secret to a larger
By following The Growth Matrix’s system for just a few minutes per day, you can purportedly
increase the size of your penis by 3.4” in just 30 days. Some men claim to have grown their penis
from a maximum size of 5” to more than 8” using the system.
To learn more about The Growth Matrix or to buy the package of products online today, visit the
official website by clicking here!
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