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The 3 Week Ring Reducer!
Tinnitus Treatment
Written by Liam Boehm
“Liam assisted me all the way through my process of getting
rid of my tinnitus! It’s amazing to me that the solution was so
simple all along!”
~ Michael B
Sydney, Australia
“Hi Liam! I have read everything you have released onto the
net and after applying it to my own life, I have started to hear
zero ringing in both my ears, thank you so, so much for
putting this information out there”
~ Vanessa K
London, England
“…I have nothing else to say apart from the fact that your
techniques ended my 10 year battle with tinnitus in 16 days.
You truly are a god-send”
~ Ethen G
Ontario, Canada
“My son has had his tinnitus clear up completely thank to
you! If only we’d found out about your methods 2 years
~ Nate L
Wolverhampton, UK
On the previous page, you just saw a small
handful of people from around the world that I
have helped get rid of their tinnitus.
In this book, I’m going to show you what changes I
helped them make in their lives to make progress
towards silencing their tinnitus.
NOTE: I am not a doctor, please seek professional
medical advice before attempting any steps
written in this book.
The steps must be completed safely.
Please also note. When you have gotten rid of
your tinnitus, please recommend to other people
that they also seek professional medical attention
before following any steps from this book that you
might recommend to them.
Now that that’s out of the way…
...Let’s get rid of your tinnitus!
Let’s start with the most effective technique first
For those of you who might not be sure, to fast
mean to go long periods of time without eating.
Dry fasting, however, is going long periods of time
without eating or drinking anything.
We’re talking about days here. Now if this sounds
ridiculous to you, or like it has nothing to do with
tinnitus – then at least read the next paragraph
before you close this PDF.
If you have noise trauma induced tinnitus. Then
your doctor will have said the following:
“you have damaged the cochlear hairs inside your
ear drum. The ringing you now constantly hear is
the sound of permanent and irreversible damage
that has been done. Your tinnitus is permanent”
heard that before?
Now, most of that is correct.
You have done damage to the cochlear hairs
inside of your eardrums.
But, it is not permanent.
So, you’ve damaged the cells inside of your ears
(by the way - cochlear hair cells are miniscule) …
Enter: Dry fasting
Dry fasting for prolonged periods of time repairs
hair cells.
Don’t believe me?
Never heard that before?
Let’s look at some clinical tests:
A new study shows that cycles of prolonged fasting not only protect against immune system
damage—a major side effect of chemotherapy—but also induce immune system regeneration
by shifting stem cells from a dormant state to one of self-renewal.
In both mice and a phase 1 human clinical trial, long periods of not eating significantly
lowered white blood cell counts. In mice, fasting cycles then “flipped a regenerative switch”
changing the signalling pathways for hematopoietic stem cells, which are responsible for the
generation of blood and immune systems.
So, that shows that prolonged fasting forces the
body to recycle all its old and broken cells to
create energy for you to live. Stem cells start to
clean out old cells and literally regrow them.
And seeing as your broken cochlear hairs are
… See where I’m going with this?
So, if this did work as well as I’m saying it does,
then why didn’t your ENT doctor prescribe this
method to you?
If a medical professional tells you not to eat or
drink anything for 2 – 3 days. And then you feel
weary, fall over and crack your head open on the
3rd day.
They stand a great chance of getting sued and
losing their medical license. Also, seeing as
‘fasting’ is not a drug, I cannot get ‘approved’ by
any governing body – at least not anytime soon –
as a legitimate medical prescription with noted
‘side effects’.
Thus, rendering the prescribing doctors free of
any blame should harm come your way.
But I don’t mind telling you, because hey, I wish
someone told me so I didn’t have to go figure it all
out on my own.
Anyway, let’s move on.
So, when you do end up eating, what can you eat?
You can eat from the list below:
Uncooked vegetables
High quality high fat beef (cooked)
Fiji or Evian water
Some fruits
Now, here’s what you cannot eat!
Meat from the supermarket deli
Coffee (or any caffeinated products)
Tap Water
Soda (Coke, Fanta)
Any meats other than beef
Protein Powders
Sugar, Lollies, Chocolate… sorry 
This diet is strict for a reason – it’s the most
effective way to heal you.
If it was simple – tinnitus wouldn’t affect millions
of people around the world throughout their
entire lives.
Cold Showers
Have a cold shower at least twice a week. Cold
showers reduce inflammation caused by bad diet
and stress. Cold showers also lower your food
Super important – colder showers help you sleep
deeper! (sleep is super, super important for
getting rid of tinnitus).
Before I Go
You’ve got everything you need here to fix your
But to make it even easier, I’m going to send you
another email tomorrow which will cover:
 “How long will it take you to get rid of my
 “When should I eat and when should I fast?”
 “How often should I have cold showers”
So be on the lookout for that email tomorrow!
If, however, you have a burning questions that
simply can’t wait – please feel free to email me
You can reach me at my personal email:
[email protected]
In closing
Tinnitus is only a symptom!
Just like:
Having a runny nose is a symptom of having a cold
Having a bruise is a symptom of bumping your
Getting hives is a symptom of an allergy
Make sense?
Your ears are ringing due to an underlying
This underlying problem is simply that the cells in
your ears are damaged and need to be healed
(completely doable). Or that your stomach,
kidneys and liver are screaming out for a break
from all the terrible foods you’re eating!
I hope this had shown you that Tinnitus is
completely fixable.
I’ll be sending you a much more in depth email
tomorrow about curing tinnitus so stay tuned for
P.S. once again – Tinnitus is curable!
I cured myself…
…And I have cured over 130 people
You’ll learn more about that tomorrow!