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Fit for fuel rail pressure sensor 6.7 cummins

For fuel rail pressure sensor 6.7 cummins
Fit for nissan navara common rail pressure sensor For Fuel Pressure Control Valve BOSCH
For denso common rail pressure sensor
The sensors on the electronically controlled diesel engine can be described as various, among
which the sensor types are roughly divided into three categories: pressure sensors, temperature
sensors, speed and position sensors, and there are about ten subdivision types. The working
principle, performance parameters, and testing standards of each sensor on the engine, I hope
that sharing this article can help everyone (mainly Bosch).
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Structure: Electromagnetic type and Hall type
Function: The speed sensor collects the speed signal of the diesel engine so that the ECU can
calculate the circulating fuel supply, and can also provide the crankshaft position signal so that
the ECU can accurately control the fuel injection timing; the auxiliary speed sensor is used as the
speed signal to calculate the crankshaft angle. .
Installation location: flywheel housing, behind the fan. The gap between the sensor and the
signal plate is 0.5-1.5mm
Synchronization status: The synchronization signal Bosch State III is 48, and the Bosch EDC17
State IV system is 30.
Working voltage: The electromagnetic type has no working voltage, and the resistance is about
860 ohms. The Hall type has three lines of working voltage: 5V, signal, and ground.
Symptoms of failure: 1. Bad start 2. White smoke 3. Insufficient power
Structure: Electromagnetic type and Hall type