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ad plunger price 3 418 303 005 10mm plunger for bosch plunger injection pump

ad plunger price 3 418 303 005 10mm plunger for bosch plunger
injection pump
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The injector is directly involved in supplying fuel to the cylinder (if it is direct
injection) or to the intake manifold (multipoint injection). Manufacturers make
these elements so that they spray fuel as efficiently as possible, and not just
pour it into the cavity. Thanks to spraying, better mixing of gasoline or diesel
fuel particles with air occurs. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of the motor,
reduces harmful emissions (the fuel burns out completely), and also makes the
unit less voracious.
When the injectors become clogged, the engine becomes unstable and loses
its previous performance. Since the on-board electronics often does not record
this problem as a malfunction, the engine light on the dashboard does not light
up at the initial stages of clogging.