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Best Vegan Casual Sandal Styles for Men in 2022 - Paaduks

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Why us?
Must Have Casual Sandal Styles for Every Men in This
Summer Season!
Scorching sun and the summer are here already! We know it’s that time of the year when you
feel inactive but your sweat glands are hyperactive. You feel hot and dressing up feels a lot
sometimes. All you dream about is taking that long walk on the beach at night with a cool
breeze freeing up your mind. That one long walk which wears off all your tiredness and relaxes
your body.
Now that we’ve created the perfect image for you, it’s time for your feet to breathe a bit as well
and embrace some new fits. Take a look at these five best casual sandals from Paaduks that
are sure to be a delight for your feet.
Styling your wardrobe with these summer essentials will prove to be a blessing whenever you
head out of your house. Not only will they keep your feet cool but also ace up your look with
almost anything you pair them with. Quickly slipping on these sandals without having to worry
to put on socks and shoes is the type of comfort we’re talking about!
The weather and your patience are already warming up! So without much delay, we present to
you our 5 must-have summer staples customized and tailored especially by keeping your
needs in mind:
Here are the Best Vegan Casual Sandal Styles for Men
in 2022:
Calor Black/Brown : Elevating your summer look just got easier! Made from flexible
and soft vegan leather straps, these slingbacks are the real show stoppers. Available in
different sizes and colors, Calor is our personal favourite. If you’re on the search for an
effortless yet fashionable pair, these are surely your best choice.
Sko Men Brown Sandals : These uniquely handcrafted sandals for men with a touch
of ethnicity are made from up-cycled rubber, faux leather and handwoven straps,
promising zero animal cruelty. Sko is specially designed by our skilled cobblers keeping
in mind equal parts of sustainability and durability. Cheers to a guilt-free and crueltyfree choice!
Zoo Brown/Dark Brown : Veganism isn’t easy, but we’ve got you! You cannot go
wrong with Zoo when it comes to making an eco-friendly yet durable choice. Bridging
the gap between millennials and gen Z, these sandals are built to last. Don’t just believe
whatever we say. Try them yourself!
Calor Tan : You’ve got to move – but you also want to stay cool and have the best. Get
the breathability and freedom for any outdoor activity with the soft hug of an 8mminsole made purely out of recyclable tyres. Calor Tan guarantees you the style statement
you need to make when in a crowd. It’s the perfect pair to go out with on an ice cream
Dom Brown/Dark Brown : Upgraded for the present, these sandals are definitely
creating hype. Pair them with denims, stripes, polos or even formals, Dom will never
disappoint you. Bold yet beautiful, these sandals say it in neutral. The pair that even your
colleagues will want to have.
Why Do People Wear Sandals In The Summer?
Wearing shoes or sneakers in this hot weather isn’t always enticing. That’s when sandals come
in handy. Not only are they a convenient choice but they also have multiple benefits over any
other footwear. Let us take a look at some of them:
1. Sweat-friendly: Going out and doing all the outdoor activities while keeping your feet
sweat-free is where sandals excel. They air out naturally so you don’t have to worry about
your shoes smelling or your feet stinking.
2. Perfect travel partners: When it comes to packing for a trip or vacay, sandals do not
take up much space and fit easily in your suitcase. Compared to shoes that demand a lot
of space, sandals are much lighter and multiple pairs can be stacked at once.
3. Work well with water: Sandals dry off quickly and do not leave your feet feeling wet.
When going for a walk near the seaside or on the beach, sandals handle water
4. Lightweight & adjustable: Wearing sandals does not tire out your feet or legs, and at
the same time, the adjustable straps give you the perfect fit. You do not have to worry
about tying shoelaces, just slip on the casual sandals for men and buckle them if needed.
5. Do not harbour bacteria: Sweat can be really harmful for your feet and can result in
bacteria-causing infection. With vegan leather sandals, this is not the issue at all. They
help your feet breathe and stay fresh.
To put an end to your summertime worries, Paaduks has come up with sustainable yet stylish
vegan footwear made from upcycled tyres and cork.
Paaduks was founded in 2013 with an idea to come up with footwear that is heavy on fashion
and easy on the environment. Designed with an 8mm-insole and handcrafted by skilled
artisans, our footwear is literally one of a kind. We formulate our footwear to give you the
customized fit you desire while keeping your feet happy.
To date, we have upcycled 8,50,000 kgs of tyres and we plan to increase this number manifold.
We have forayed into upcycling cork, with jute, cotton and other raw materials as well to be an
even more eco-conscious brand.
Additionally, we deliver love in biodegradable and compostable packaging. Every pair you
receive comes in a compostable box. Our packaging ethics focus on shaping the future along
with creating an environment-friendly approach. So the next time you order something, you
know what to do with the box!
So rock this summer season with these five essentials from Paaduks. With our vegan footwear,
we promise durability, style and comfort in an environment-friendly approach. Slay in fashion
and let 2022 bring out your style statement in a sustainable way.
Apr 14, 22 • By Jeethu
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