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10 recommendations for buying FitFlopshoes online

10 recommendations for buying FitFlopshoes online
Have you instantly fallen in love with those gorgeous FitFlop Australia you saw in the store window? Before running to buy them, it is good that
you inform yourself of some details to check if it suits the health of your feet.
Buying a pair of FitFlop sandals shoes is not as easy as it seems. That they look fabulous on your feet is not the only thing that matters. It is also
essential that they fit you comfortably and that they do not cause you problems in the future.
1. Go shopping in the late afternoon: Feet tend to swell during the day. If you buy them in the morning, they may be tight when you wear them
for several hours.
2. Ask the seller to measure your feet (length and width) every time you buy shoes: Feet can change size. Stand up while you measure them (the
weight of the body expands the feet).
3. It is important that you measure both feet. Believe it or not, some people have one slightly larger than the other.
4. If your feet are a different size, please buy the larger number. The shoes do not "stretch", but you can always fill the one corresponding to the
smaller foot with an insole.
5. That the shoes do not squeeze you or are too big for you. You should be able to move your toes inside the shoe when you stand, and the feet
should not slip inside the shoes when walking.
6. When you put on your shoes, take a short walk around the store to check how they fit. If they bother you in one area, they will surely bother
you a lot more the longer you walk.
7. The material of the upper part of the shoe must adapt to the shape of your foot. It is important that it provides support, but also that it gives
way when you move your feet. Look for a material that does not irritate the skin and is porous, so that the air penetrates the shoes.
8. It is also convenient that the material is absorbent because it relieves heat inside the FitFlop Lulu shoe, and prevents rashes and the spread of
9. As for the sole, check if it has the appropriate traction to prevent slipping on the type of floor where you are going to use the FitFlop shoes.
10. Ideal heels provide a slight lift, between ¾ inch and 1 inch (1.90 and 2.54 cm), whether it is a true heel or a thicker sole in that section.