Telechargé par Avery Johnson


Moonstones are bought from India and Sri Lanka
and then cut, polished, and set into the sterling 925
silver at the factory, producing wonderful moonstone
jewelry pieces. This gemstone has layers within it,
and one has to be very careful while cutting these
pieces as if carved from between; then, the shine of
the stone can be spoiled, and the stone would not
appear that beautiful. Also, this gemstone comes in
various hues, out of which the lustrous blue stone is
loved the most.
The gem which possesses the sheen and has the
energies of goddess Diana is none other than the
Moonstone. This gem comes from Sri Lanka and
India and has layers inside it. Wearing the
moonstone ring on every day basis will bring
creative energies inside the person. Those who
belong to the creative fields like the artisan,
painter, singers, musicians, and others wear this
gemstone most oftenly.
Moon Magic belongs to the feldspar mineral family
and is a stone with a beautiful sheen. It is an
emphatic and supernatural stone with a longestablished heritage. Therefore, it is shrouded in
mystery and elegance that has captured the eyes of
people all over the world for ages. Also, it is said that
these crystals have connections with the energy of
the moon. Moreover, this Moon Magic jewelry
symbolizes new beginnings, inner growth, and