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The Mysterious Beauty of Moonstone

These days everyone is adopting a trend of wearing
gemstone silver jewelry for looking trendier and more
beautiful. Moonstone silver jewelry is also one of the most
adopting jewelry for wearing purposes. Being a variety of the
feldspar minerals, it comes in very precious gems. It is
believed that the moonstone carries the powers of the
Moon. Wearing Moonstone jewelry helps in intuition,
balancing life, and clear vision. Moreover, it helps in reducing
anger, fear, and dizziness in the wearer's life. Rananjay
Exports is an authorized source to buy genuine Moonstone
gemstone silver jewelry.
When it comes to wearing gemstone jewelry, the first
thought comes into the mind that is to wear a ring that is
very easy to carry everywhere. Moonstone is an alluring gem
that is used to manufacture various types of ring-like party
wear moonstone ring, casual wear moonstone ring.
Moonstone ring also helps in grabbing the healing and
spiritual benefits of the stone. It is considered the Zodiac
sign of Libra. The gem comes in gray, peach, and yellow in
color—the stone set into a sterling silver metal. Rananjay
Exports is a wholesaler of Moonstone and 150 plus stone
Moon Magic jewelry is the gem with the energies of
the moon and the stars, as some people believe that
they fell to the earth a few million years ago. They
range from transparent to translucent in appearance
and rate between 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale hardness.
Moreover, this gem brings creative energies, allowing
the person to become innovative and intelligent. The
June babies wear this gem regularly as it is their
birthstone. It will bring good and positive energy to
their life.
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