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Tower Crane Negeri Sembilan

Welcome to:-
Our Company has is today situated as a lively and forward-looking association,
adjusting great to business and perceived for its solidarity, and greatness nature of
client care.
Get the best pinnacle crane in Malaysia. We are selling and leasing hardware along
with establishment and endorsement.
HPL is primarily engaged with development gear, represent considerable authority
in Generator Sets, Tower Crane, Passenger Hoist and is administration begun
organization including in exchanging, rental, overhauling and fix works.
The Company likewise give rental of Tower Crane including erection, establishment
and support of pinnacle crane.
Traveler HOIST
We give rental and upkeep of rack and pinion type Single Cage and Twin Cage
Passenger Hoist to sustain our client base
Convenient Generator Sets going from 10KVA up to 400KVA
Our responsibility is to keep on conveying better worth and client care than the
clients as our significant assets are we have quantities of devoted and experienced
specialized experts who can deal with any sort of issue that the development gear
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