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Glucofort Review – Real Health Risks No One Will Tell You
Type-2 diabetes is one of the most debilitating health conditions that affect millions of people
worldwide. In the USA alone, one in every ten people is likely to be diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. This
condition was once thought of as a disease for adults who are 40 years of age and older.
However, diabetes has today become a common diagnosis for teens, young adults, and even children.
This condition leads to several health complications such as increased thirst, blurred vision, exhaustion,
and many more. Glucofort
While there are prescription drugs for diabetes, there is no proper cure for the condition. All the same,
there are other ways to help accelerate desirable results. In addition to diet and lifestyle changes,
people with diabetes should consider using all-natural supplements.
Dietary supplements have existed in society for ages, and in recent times, they have become more
popular. This review introduces the Glucofort blood sugar support formula, which claims to help people
with diabetes manage their condition naturally.
What is Glucofort?
Managing high blood sugar has been a common issue for most people around the world. Under normal
body functions, the pancreas releases enough insulin it needs to utilize any new glucose effectively.
However, some people consume more sugar and carbohydrates than they should, which exposes them
to the constant threat of obesity.
When a person continues to pile up more weight, diabetes sets in. Managing diabetes requires the
intervention of a doctor to monitor the blood sugar levels even as dietary changes take place. In some
cases, insulin is the only way to manage blood sugar levels. Fortunately, Glucofort offers an alternative.
Glucofort is an all-natural dietary supplement that works to support healthy blood sugar levels. This
advanced blood sugar support formula claims to eliminate the root cause of type-2 diabetes. Besides, it
helps the body to utilize nutrients efficiently while keeping glucose levels consistent. According to the
promotional video on the official website, Glucofort is easy to use and contains pure, natural
By dealing with diabetes from its root cause, Glucofort claims to help users live a healthy life that
constitutes healthy blood sugar levels and improved glucose metabolism. Additionally, it eliminates
excess fat that forms around most of the body’s vital organs, allowing users to free themselves from
health complications.
How Does Glucofort Work?
Glucofort works by targeting a specific molecule that supports the explosion of fat within the blood and
makes the arteries stiff. Besides, this fat source attacks the liver, pancreas, and heart. These vital organs
have a direct link to type-2 diabetes. What is this molecule? It’s none other than ceramide.
Ceramide is a foreign compound that forces fat cells to build into the bloodstream. Consequently, they
clog vital organs starting with the liver and then proceed to the pancreas. Finally, they finish with the
heart. Since the pancreas is the production unit of insulin, a blockage of the pancreas severely limits the
production of this important hormone.
Once the production of insulin is limited, the body becomes unable to utilize glucose. When this
happens, glucose remains in the bloodstream and, with time, boosts blood sugar levels. When the liver
and the heart are under attack, the arteries become blocked as well. This increases the risk of
contracting heart-related diseases and other complications.
Glucofort works to activate the “diabetes-reversing mechanism” that flushes out ceramides from an
individual’s system. This action prevents fat cells from traveling through the bloodstream to cause
unwanted damages. Glucofort achieves this by using the power of its all-natural ingredients.
Glucofort and slimming weight
High blood sugar levels make it difficult to shed weight. As a result, the body naturally converts excess
sugar into fat instead of burning it off. Glucofort helps the body utilize any excess sugar in the system.
This means the liver can focus on burning fat, thereby helping users cut weight significantly. Importantly,
this takes place naturally without involving significant diet or lifestyle changes. Ingredients such as bitter
melon, juniper berries, and banaba leaf work together to help Glucofort achieve its objective.
Glucofort Ingredients
As stated on the official website, Glucofort contains a combination of natural ingredients, including
roots, barks, plants, berries, and trees. Consumers can take all of these ingredients as tea, but since the
exact ratios can vary widely in teas, Glucofort uses the same ingredients in a capsule form.
Additionally, the supplement contains an assortment of vitamins and minerals. Here are the main
Also known as Mukul myrrh, this ingredient comes from a native tree in India. According to one research
study, much of its medicinal properties are available in the resin, which can lower triglyceride levels.
Bitter melon
Bitter melon has properties that function like insulin and provide glucose to body cells for energy. This
ingredient is one of the natural remedies for controlling and lowering high blood sugar levels. With a
more bitter taste as it becomes riper, the fruit contains a high amount of vitamin C, which is an essential
requirement for the immune system and the formation of bones. Additionally, Bitter Melon contains
vitamin A, which improves vision and boosts skin health.
Licorice root
This ingredient is a flowering plant whose root works as an alternative to sugar. To some extent, it also
works as conventional medicine. According to one study done on rats, licorice reversed the adverse
effects of diabetes and further helped restore the total antioxidant capacity of diabetic rat kidneys.
This finding led the researchers to conclude that Licorice root contains a potential therapeutic effect for
diabetes. In addition, another study done on human subjects reported that Licorice extract, together
with a calorie-restricted diet, could lower several health markers such as waist circumference, insulin
resistance, fat mass, and more.
Cinnamon bark
This ingredient is known for its ability to deal with gastrointestinal tract issues. It also supports healing
from gas or diarrhea. Some people also include it in the diet to improve appetite, especially when they
want to add weight. Similarly, Cinnamon bark can also relieve the body from parasites and bacteria and
alleviate menstrual cycle-induced cramps. Importantly, cinnamon bark can also balance high blood sugar
and resolve the common cold.
Gymnema Sylvestre
This ingredient is a plant from India’s tropical forests. Ayurvedic experts often refer to it as the
“destroyer of sugar” because it can help stabilize blood sugar levels for type one and two diabetes. In
type-2 diabetes, one study found that Gymnema Sylvestre could help lower blood sugar levels and
works best when taken with a meal.
Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)
While the body naturally makes the ALA, consuming a dietary supplement that contains it could help
users heal cell damage. This ingredient supports healthy levels of vitamins E and C, among others. Its
main function is to reduce inflammation, which is also very helpful to the appearance of the skin.
Besides, Alpha-lipoic acid is helpful in many areas, including supporting healthy nerve function and
lowering the risk of heart disease. However, in some users, it slowed down the progress of memory loss
Banaba leaf
Banaba leaves are obtained from a plant in India. Like many other ingredients in this formula, Banaba
leaf delivers medicinal properties such as corosolic acid, which has antioxidant and antihyperlipidemic
properties. These two components can improve glucose uptake by bodily cells and help better manage
the digestion of lipids.
Yarrow flowers
Yarrow flowers have been used for ages as an effective treatment for fever and the typical common
cold. Some people also use this ingredient when they struggle with regulating their menstrual cycle. In
addition, in its natural state, chewing yarrow leaves can help alleviate toothaches.
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Juniper berries
This ingredient is rich in nutrients and can reduce inflammation. It is also associated with anti-diabetic
properties. Juniper berries smell spicy while delivering tart flavor, which is similar to gin. They could be
used for homeopathic medicinal purposes and turned into an essential oil.