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Characteristics and advantages of the mining camps

Characteristics and advantages of the mining camps
Exploration camps are modules to live in all types of climates, from polar cold to burning desert areas. The protection they offer allows human
activity and permanence in remote areas and extreme climates.
Mobile accommodation modules vary according to the activities for which they are required: bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, recreation
areas, infirmaries, bathrooms, offices, warehouses, power plants, etc.
The weather has been designed for safety, convenience, durability, and ease of installation. They have provided pre-assembled electrical
distribution systems for all camping applications.
We offer all types of mining camps Australia. We also offer a wide selection of floors, both hard and soft, insulating and non-insulating, in
combination with a variety of grade support devices appropriate for the terrain and environment.
Characteristics of the mining camps:
- This type of mining camp leaves the factory finished, including its furnishings and/or equipment.
- Our system of mining camps allows you to have accommodation, dining rooms, offices, and everything you need for your work team, with
extremely short production times, a key condition in remote areas with extreme climates.
- The assembly and incorporation of the mining camps enable the construction of buildings of any size.
- In addition, the fact of being prefabricated ensures quality and finish standards that are higher than those that can be obtained with on-site
manufacturing methods.
Multi-story mining camps:
Another considerable advantage is the possibility of building 2- and 3-story construction camps, a matter of utmost importance in small areas.
On the other hand, reducing the implementation area significantly reduces the cost of service networks.
Start now to design your mining camps with us, we have at your disposal the best variety of options. Call us.
Advantages of mobile camps:
- Savings in the installation: The camps can be installed with unqualified personnel and in a very short time, from 6 to 12m² per person per day.
- Comfort: More space available than traditional systems, with heights from 2.23m to 3.90m. Unique with a flexible thermal protection system
that repels extreme heat or cold, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the environment.
- Reusable. Camps have been designed for multiple, short, and long-term uses, allowing them to be 100% reused.
- Savings in transportation: The camps occupy 1/3 of the weight and 1/7 of the volume of a traditional camp.
For us, the most important thing is the benefit of our clients. We work to offer maximum comfort and provide services that make the stay in the
mining camps Australia as similar as possible to home. We have extensive and solid experience in providing various services for personal wellbeing and relaxation anywhere. We offer the supply of sports equipment and facilities, games, places for rest, reading, well-being, and personal