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7 tips to look beautiful naturally

7 tips to look beautiful naturally
Let's be honest, we all dream of it. No make-up, nothing on the skin, nothing on the eyes, nothing other than the blinding radiance of our natural
beauty… So yes, reality rarely lives up to our expectations, but to be beautiful naturally, is possible.
Here we present several natural beauty tips:
1. Work your eyelashes:
No mascara, okay, but nothing prevents pampering the essential accessory to our doe eyes: the eyelashes. How? Or What? With fortifying and
lengthening treatments, an eyelash curler or even, at the limit of cheating, extensions or a long-lasting eyelash tint… and what an effect.
2. Eat healthy:
Being naturally beautiful is done in-depth: without makeup, it's hard to cheat. But beauty goes through a healthy body, so ... healthily nourished,
in the right quantity, with enough vitamins and minerals to beautify the skin and make the eyes shine. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, and legumes,
healthy life is yours.
3. Sleep well:
The same principle for sleep, natural beauty does not suffer sleepless nights. To avoid dark circles, puffiness, and a pale complexion, only one
solution, long enough nights! Allow eight hours, on average, to give your body time to purify itself and in any case, never less than six hours.
4. Slip your skin:
It is the backdrop, your foil, and your best natural asset: to be beautiful, think beautiful skin! Remove makeup carefully every night. If you are
not wearing makeup, cleanse your skin anyway, then moisturize with a night cream. In the morning, hydrate again, and bet on a mattifying
cream that refines the skin texture.
5. Don't forget the eyes:
Show off your eyes, but without makeup? Yes, it's possible. Better, you gain in beauty as in comfort! Regularly moisturize your eyes with drops
of serum, deflate them with eye cream, soothe them with cool masks. And think of cornflower drops, which bring out the white of the eye. Make
sure to perform a daily skincare routine at home.
6. Control your hair:
No natural look without clean, shiny hair. Wash your hair regularly, and if you're in a hurry, opt for dry shampoo over oily roots: no makeup
doesn't forgive the neglected. Keep a brush in your bag, detangle as needed, or spray shine spray on your natural curls.
7. Think of your hands:
If they don't show up at first, it's rare that the looks don't end up falling on your hands ... which can ruin all your belongings, with chipped polish
or chewed nails. For a totally natural look, bet on a French manicure, or a simple colorless varnish. In any case, keep your nails clean and
moisturize your hands regularly, with a suitable cream.