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Best Rainwater Tank Suppliers in Auckland and New Zealand

Best Rainwater Tank Suppliers in Auckland and New Zealand
In Auckland, New Zealand, the use of rainwater tanks has increased dramatically as homeowners
embrace sustainable water consumption practices. Rainwater harvesting and storage systems using
rainwater storage tanks are a common sight in Auckland gardens. Navigating the many rainwater tanks
available for purchase in Auckland can seem like a big task, so here we look at some of the key
considerations when choosing the best water tank supplier in Auckland and throughout wider New
The best water tank suppliers in Auckland and New Zealand should offer:
A Diverse Range
Size - Rainwater tanks come in many shapes and sizes. The choice around what size rainwater tank to
purchase in Auckland revolves around how big the drip irrigation systems New Zealand project you
want to supply is, what the local regulations are and of course the budget for your rainwater tank. A
good rainwater tank supplier will be able to provide you with a range of options suitable for Auckland or
other parts of New Zealand.
Colour - It is nice to have a range of colours to choose from when selecting your rainwater tank. Your
colour choice is usually an aesthetic choice to match the colour of your home or to blend in with your
environment. Poly rainwater tanks have the largest colour range so the best rainwater tank suppliers in
Auckland and Irrigation New Zealand will be able to offer you colour options.
Material - The most popular types of rainwater tanks are steel tanks, poly rainwater tanks and concrete
tanks. A good rainwater tank supplier will offer a range of options.
Quality Products
If you are investing in a rainwater tank in Auckland and New Zealand, you want to know your rainwater
tank will last. Therefore it is wise to pay a little more upfront to get a high-quality rainwater tank that will
be durable. The best rainwater tank suppliers only offer quality products that they trust for durability and
Help with Design and Installation
The best rainwater tank suppliers understand their products and what they are designed to do.
Therefore, they are well-positioned to advise you of the pros and cons of each type of rainwater tank.
Most reputable suppliers will offer a full design and installation service so this is a classic sign you are
choosing one of the best rainwater tank suppliers.
Reliable Supply and Delivery
It is important when choosing a rainwater tank to know the delivery expectation. A good supplier will be
able to provide you with clear delivery expectations at the outset.
A Wealth of Local Knowledge
The best rainwater tank suppliers in New Zealand have a wealth of local knowledge about the climate,
delivery options and local regulations in your area.
For example, it is important to know if you need a permit to install a rainwater tank.
In Auckland, the Auckland Council provides specific advice around the local requirements. The best
rainwater tank suppliers will be aware of these requirements.
Please follow this link for outdoor water tank requirements by the Auckland Council
The best rainwater tank suppliers can help you navigate all stages of the project and bring your design
In Auckland, a great supplier to start with is Think Water. They specialise in preferred brands such as
Devan Plastics, Designer Tanks and Kliptank. Their extensive product knowledge will be of great
benefit to you as you embark on your search for the best rainwater tank.
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