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An Unprincipled Morality Reading Guide

John Dancy
An Unprincipled Morality
Reading Guide
“…one just can’t get good veal anymore” ‘one’ comme ‘on’ – “On
ne peut plus se procurer de la bonne viande de veau »
para 2 :
« The same feature always makes the same reason ; or, a reason
is a general reason” – ‘or’ = ‘ou’ – “La même caractéristique fait
toujours la même raison ; ou, une raison est une raison générale »
para 5 :
“That there will be hardly anyone else there [i.e. at a party] is
sometimes a reason to go there, and sometimes a reason to stay
well away” – is sometimes the definitive reason not to go [to the
para 6:
“…a special brand’ - a reserved category
para 6:
‘fully-fledged’ – veritable
para 3:
‘matters of whim…matters of weighty reasons’ - des questions de
fantaisie... des questions de poids".
para 5:
‘built-up’ – constructed
para 6:
‘unbudgeable’ - immoveable (budge=bouger)
para 7:
‘dig my heels in’ (idiomatic) = m’entêter
Typo: ‘she is needs medical help’ should read: ‘she needs medical
‘the only person around’ = « la seule personne présente".
para 1:
‘to fall short (of expectations)’ see Linguee for full definitions:
para 3:
‘let off the moral hook’ – exceptionally not required to behave
morally in this situation (from the idiom: ‘to let off the hook’)
para 5:
‘twist’ as in distort , meaning to adapt the rule to suit the individual’s
preferred outcome