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Article 25 of human rights
AMAL Yassine
November 12, 2021
Abdellah GHAZI
It is mentioned in Article 25 of human rights, that “Everyone has the right to a
standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his
family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care…”. But in the reality,
we do not see that at all. Are there really human rights in the world?
As we know, Africa is the richest continent in the world in terms of resources.
However, we see poverty, unemployment and diseases. Why is this happening.
Especially I do not see any logic in all of this because these countries are
supposed to be rich, but unfortunately, the large number of military coups
prevents the development of the country.
Moreover, those who cause military coups in Africa are external forces, because
you are touching their interests, which are the resources of Africa. I mean by
that when a new president really wants to develop his country, he decides to
review secret and non-secret agreements and cancel some of them because they
harm his country socially and economically. So, these external forces bring him
down through a military coup and appoint a loyal person to them who has
committed dangerous crimes. This traitor signs on are not for his own country
benefit at all because he committed dangerous crimes. An adverb says: ” Were it
not for the traitors of the inside, the enemies of the outside would not dare to
attack you”.
The energy crisis when the Arab countries decided not to export oil and gas . At
that time, they fought Israel when oil was cut off from Europe and USA. USA
and Europe found themselves in a problem because their war equipment such as
warplanes, frigates, destroyers and aircraft carriers, tanks are powered by
petroleum. Because of that, their national security has been affected and has
become unstable because you do not have the oil to operate your military
equipment. That is why USA, Britain, Europe and Israel took a step through
which they denigrated Saddam in Iraq and spread the news of democracy and
human rights in order for the people to hate Saddam Hussein and control of the
largest oil reserves in the world. If there were really human rights, there would
be no interests between countries, and the poor people of Africa would not have
lived without hunger. An adverb says: “the good and evil are only names for
interests”. French defends human rights and steals Africa's wealth so that the
French people can live in happiness and the Africans in misery and hunger.
Because of this illusion, the Iraqi and Libyan people fell into the trap, so they
overthrew their rulers, and now they have become in the past. Two destroyed
countries stolen by USA, Europe, Turkey and Russia. Because of ignorance they
got to this. Saddam and Gaddafi did wrong things, but they are not gods. They
did what they should have done at that time. Iraq and Libya were prosperous
because of ignorance they reached this state. unfortunately, the past is past.
Human rights now in some countries, such as Africa and some devastated Arab
countries, do not exist, as Trump said, if Saddam had existed now, there would
be some human rights for the Iraqi people to live in prosperity. He was asked if
there were human rights applied during Saddam's era, but he said: Do you think
they are applied now? Here we conclude that some countries violate human
rights for the sake of interests.
In addition to all this in Syria, we see Russia testing the effectiveness of its
weapons on civilians. You will not feel until a bomb dropped from a warplane
over your head. Where is the human rights organization in all of this? Why don’t
countries impose strong economic sanctions on Russia. It simply has no
authority. Strong countries do what they want, while weak countries are
Morocco has the largest reserves in the world of phosphates. Currently,
Morocco is signing partnerships with Ethiopia and other countries to extract
their phosphates. In the past, Morocco exported phosphates to them, but the cost
of transportation and the overturning of some phosphate carriers at sea
prevented this. That is why Morocco decided to do this. Imagine that the
phosphates of the world countries are ending and Morocco is the only source of
it. Morocco will control the food of everyone in the world. Is this not
destabilizing the security of the world? Every super power country will want to
control this wealth to ensure its food security. I hope that this does not happen.
This is the policy of countries. In other words, politics has no human rights, and
a country can destroy a country only for the sake of resources and energy, and
this can happen to any country in the world.
The bottom line is that human rights are just an illusion. Whoever believes in it
must reconsider what he believes to be true. The good and evil are exploited by
countries for their own interests only. Most countries do not care about human
rights. I personally believe that human rights will not exist at all, even in the
future. With the increase in the number of people, it is impossible for human
rights to be existed, because there will be few resources that are not enough for
all. Humans eat each other in such trouble and they will show no mercy to each