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Get the Best Advisory and Valuation Services

Get the Best Advisory and Valuation
Are you looking for some of the best advisory and valuation services? Then you must refer to
Roma. The company offers a wide range of services to their customers with the help of a
team of experts and professionals who are very knowledgeable and have relevant skills to
provide you with the best services. The wide range of services provided by the company is
financial instruments valuation, biological assets valuation, credit risk valuation, risk
advisory, and many more. These services are very important so it becomes mandatory for you
to choose the best company so that you can get effective results.
Financial instruments valuation
As time is changing it becomes supreme to keep pace with all the latest and upcoming
financial standards. The team of Roma used to adopt the most appropriate methods for
making sure that financial instruments can be valued. The company provides the service of
financial instruments valuations by a team of experienced professionals who assures that you
get exemplary service. Financial instrument valuation is important for doing the financial
reporting in the case of share-based payments, business combinations, etc.
Risk advisory
Are you looking for the best risk advisory services for your business? Get the risk advisory
services from Roma. The company provides premium quality services to their customers with
the help of experts who are highly trained and experienced in their work so that they can
provide the most satisfactory and helpful services. Roma understands that risk is the source of
competitive advantage. Our experts understand the risk and help in managing it by unleashing
their full potential, protecting and creating value for their stakeholders by providing the best
risk advisory services that will be beneficial for you and your company.
Biological assets valuation
Biological assets are something that is produced, sold, or transformed into agricultural
produce. Roma's experts understand that sometimes it becomes challenging for investors by
giving the diversity and complexity of the ranges of biological assets available.
Biological assets valuation is difficult as it keeps changing and it totally depends on the
natural changes as they have their own growth cycle which includes growth, degeneration,
production, and procreation unlike machinery or any other fixed assets.
Credit risk evaluation
Improve the quality of credit and reduce the exposure of risk by using Roma's credit risk
management solution. The company used to offer credit risk evaluation services by using
advanced credit risk management analytics, automation, and Artificial Intelligence. Our team
of experts and professionals used to employ powerful solutions for speeding up the credit
decision and reducing the total cost of ownership.
Who are we?
Roma Group Limited is a Hong Kong listed company. The company used to offer diversified
services with the highest standards of professionalism that include business and risk advisory,
natural consultation, and many more. We are providing our services in many different
countries and have now become one of the leading companies.
Get in touch with us
To get our advisory and other valuation services you can get in touch with us. We have our
head office in Hong Kong whose contact number is +852 2529 6878 and you can also mail
your queries at [email protected] We also have our office in Singapore and for
contacting the Singapore office you can call us at +65 6258 3096 or mail your queries on the
same mail id as given above.
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