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Retranscription Lettre Richmond Libbie Prison 6 août 1863

Richmond Libby Prison 6 August [1863]
My dearest Mary,
I am still here with but a little hope of getting out until the difficulties existing between the
two authorities unsettled. I am badly in want of underclothing as it is 56 days I am using the
same shit washing it now and then and remaining without sheets until mine is dry our
confinement here becomes […] although[ough] I am by no means impatient. You must think
plenty of […] at your meals and the milk will return and in a abandonee. I advise you not to
feed the baby with the New York milk at it is adult […] and it will kill the baby soon or late, you
have better to take a vet nurse with you.
Other colonels have been appointed brigadier generals and I have lost mine. I am here shut
up with 300 other [...] all opportunity to become brigadier. Col. Duffié whose regiment was
taken […] all prisoners except some 35 and himself was made brigadier! He was major in the
Harris Light Cavalry when I was already Colonel of the 4th.
You know who is the Waiter[?] of the Richmond […]? John Mitehell your acquaintance. It
is said that his paper is governmental organ here and he has a great deal of influence. I would
have written him about your bother, but the paper is too […] so I did not do it. The weather
here is very hot and suffocating, yet my health is pretty good comparatively. Write to Dr. Verdi
that I give him “Carte blanche” about the selling of my horses except Prince. You speak about
using influence to get me exchanged. There are many Colonels and two Generals and if they
cannot get exchanged, how can I?
Your letters of course are sent before delivery, but they will all faithfully be given to me if
writing about politics is in them. I really do not know why our Government agreed to exchange
enlisted men but refuses to exchange officers of both armies are suffering very badly on their
confinement with this weather and many will lose their life by fever or other illness because the
two Commissioners cannot agree in their meetings. This is cruelly ridiculous! Oh, how I long
to get a good bath and a good dinner.
Will you send me the name the […] officer of my Regiment? You must try to get a good
boarding place in the Country and go there at once as soon as you receive the money from […]
in the meantime will sell some of my horses and you will have more and when I come out from
here, I will get my pay of July which is due to me.
Good bye I am not allowed to write now.
Your Luigi
Il s’agit ici d’Emanuele P. P. M. L. Palma di Cesnola. Il était pris prisonnier par les
Confédérés après la bataille d’Aldie (juin 1863) et y restait jusqu’à printemps 1864. Pendant ce
temps, Duffié était nommé brigadier général le 23 juin 1863 après son engagement dans la
bataille de Middleburg qui était une bataille simultanée à la bataille d’Aldie. Il a perdu deuxtiers de ses hommes et les Unionistes avaient perdu, mais cela n’a pas empêché sa promotion.
On sait de Farid Ameur que le général Pleasonton avait placé Duffié derrières les lignes
confédérées pour qu’il y trouve la mort. Il était effectivement attaqué par le major général
confédéré Jeb Stuart, mais s’en sortait même si Chambliss avait coupé son issue de secours.