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Varicose Veins What Do You Need To Know About Vein Surgery

Varicose Veins: What Do You Need
To Know About Vein Surgery?
Varicose Veins are considered one of the most common conditions in the legs affecting up to
forty million Americans. According to the experts, about 15 percent of men and twenty-five
percent of women may suffer from venous insufficiency at some point in their lives. However,
it is not a life-threatening disease but can cause severe pain and discomfort at its severe
stage. Luckily, there are many types of clinical treatments available to treat such venous
disorders. Consult a vein specialist near me Jericho if you are suffering from any kind of
venous disorder.
What Are They?
When you walk, stand, and do other upright activities, it puts increased pressure on the
veins in the legs. When you have high body pressure, the vein walls become damaged,
twisted, and enlarged. Additionally, the unsightly blue veins can cause severe pain, swelling
in the legs, if you leave them untreated for longer. Consult a vein specialist South Shore if
you suffer from such a condition.
Available Treatment Options:
There are several non-surgical minimally invasive treatment methods that are created to
help patients in order to deal with the most serious venous disorders. Vein surgery is
considered the only permanent solution to venous disorder. This method eliminates blood
clotting and it is very effective for patients who are seeking both medical and cosmetic
improvement. Treatment from vein doctor Hamptons can help you to get rid of these
unsightly veins.
About Vein Surgery:
The healthy veins in the legs transport blood towards the heart so that it won’t get collected
inside them. But the damaged vein valves are unable to do their job properly, hence the
veins are no longer capable of maintaining healthy blood flow inside them. Due to this blood
strat pooling within the veins ending in enlarged and stretched veins, known as varicose
veins. You should get the treatment only from a vein specialist Hamptons to get expected
Varicose surgery is referred to as vein stripping that includes tying off diseased veins in the
leg and removing them one by one. The procedure usually completes in an hour under the
guidance of either general or spinal anesthesia. One important thing to remember is that the
treatment should be done only by a vein doctor near me Hamptons only.
Why You Might Need It?
As mentioned earlier, the venous disorder is not a health concern until it reaches its
advanced stage i.e leg ulcers, etc. Symptoms include are;
Heaviness in the leg
Achy legs
Unsightly, inflamed blood vessels
Irritation on the skin.
Redness, soreness
Unhealthy blood flow
Sleeping disorders
Difficulty in standing or sitting.
If you suffer any one of the symptoms, get immediate treatment from a vein specialist near
Vein surgery also has its share of risks. Usually, it is safe if performed by an experienced
vascular surgeon. The methods generally involve tying off the affected veins and then
eliminations of them through the made incisions. The method is generally recommended for
the bigger varicose veins. Risks generally include allergy to the skin along with redness and
soreness. Make an appointment with vein doctor South Shore
Since the veins are surgically removed, it is rare that patients experience recurrence of the
disease. Many patients consider this treatment the most effective and permanent option for
the venous disorder. Get the treatment from a vein doctor near me South Shore to get the
wanted results.
The results of the surgery may vary depending on the severity of the symptoms, age, and
your struggle with venous insufficiency.