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How many 500mg Acetaminophen can I take

How many 500mg Acetaminophen can I take?
For cough, cold, or flu,acetaminophen 500mg tablets are beneficial. As fever reducers and pain
relievers, these tablets are quite popular in the medical industry. Over a million doses of these
acetaminophen tablets are consumed monthly. Moreover, this is a risk-free tablet. However,
due tobeing overdosed, alot of people visit the emergency room every day. In some cases, even
death can happen. So, how many 500mg acetaminophen tabletscan you take without putting
your life at risk?
The reason for these overdoses is not always acetaminophentablets. Over 600 medication
products include acetaminophen. So, sometimes you might overdose yourself without even
knowing it.
To find out the recommended dose, we'll need to discuss some factors. Here are those facts
that you need to be cautious about.
Facts that you should consider to stay within the recommended limit
Here are some points to prevent accidental overdose.
Check the label
Sometimes, you will buy various types of tablets for fever or cough. But, before consuming
these medicines, always check for acetaminophen; these medicines may contain it.
Understanding of milligrams
These acetaminophen tablets have three different types of milligrams. They are: 325mg,
500mg, and 650mg pills. So, whenever you are buying or consuming these pills, make sure to be
extra cautious.
Recommended dose
Always consume the recommended dosage. If you donot know the recommended dosage, ask
your doctor or pharmacist. The recommended dosage can change depending on your age,
health, and body weight.
Less alcohol
It is never a good idea to drink alcohol while you are on medications. But,it is okay if you do not
take more than two drinks.
Interacting medicines
Some medicines might interact with acetaminophen, whereas others may not. Hence, it is
better to avoid such a situation. Besides, ask your doctor or pharmacist before consuming any
How many 500mg Acetaminophen can I take?
Many people fall ill from overdosing on acetaminophen. It is better if you knew the
recommended dosage for these pills. We will shed light on 325mg, 500mg, and 600mg
acetaminophen pills in this session.
For 325mg pills
 Pills for one turn – 1 or 2
 How often – Every 6 hours
 Maximum daily dosage – 12 pills or 3900mg
For 500mg pills
 Pills for one turn – 1 or 2
 How often – Every 6 hours
 Maximum daily dosage – 8 pills or 4000mg
For 650mg pills
 Pills for one turn – 1 or 2
 How often – 8 hours
 Maximum daily dosage – 6 pills or 3900mg
With this description, now you know how many 500mg acetaminophen pills you should take so
as not to overdose. The recommended limit is eight pills or 4000mg. It would help if you never
took more than that. And it would be best if you consumed these pills every 6 hours.
The side effect of acetaminophen overdose
There are serious side effects of overdosing on these acetaminophen pills. For your knowledge,
here are some of them.
Liver damage
If you take more than 4000mg within 24 hours, it could lead to liver damage. If you consume
alcohol while you are taking acetaminophen pills, you'll risk it more.
Sometimes it could lead to skin reddening, rashes, and or blisters.
Wrapping Up
To sum up, never take more than 400mg per day. If you are consuming acetaminophen 500mg
pills, avoid other medicines containing acetaminophen.
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