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Varicose vein What To Expect Before And After The Treatment

Varicose vein: What To Expect Before
And After The Treatment?
If you are suffering from venous disorders and have made up your mind to go through vein
treatment, consult vein doctor manhattan to consider the right method. People want to
eliminate the ugly veins as they may make the legs’ veins look terrible. This may stop you
from wearing short skirts and even shorts also. Most often people are confused about what
can happen before and after the vein surgery. As a result, sometimes they are scared to get
vein treatment. Consult vein specialist Manhattan to discuss the treatment.
Before Vein Treatment:
The vein doctor near me in Manhattan will first perform a physical examination. He/she
may ask about your family’s medical history to determine the actual cause of the vein
disease. This will help to determine the ideal treatment method for the patient. Moreover,
the professional will gather all necessary information to ensure the right way to cure.
Additionally, he/she will try to find an effective way to maintain healthy blood flow in your
veins. He/she may conduct an ultrasound for proper diagnosis and treatment.
After Vein Treatment:
Most patients can resume their normal activities after therapy. However, patients are
recommended to follow their doctor’s instructions strictly. Vein specialist near me
manhattan will instruct you to wear compression stockings for about twenty-two
hours a day to assure the best outcome. You will also be recommended elevation of
the legs to maintain the healthy blood flow through the operated area.
Other than that, your vein doctor fidi will advise certain instructions on walking. It
won’t be good to lie down on the bed the whole day as it may end in some side
effects. Your vein specialist will instruct you how you should walk and for how much
time. Some professionals recommend walking for at least fifteen minutes each hour.
Can you perform strenuous exercises every day or not, your vein specialist fidi will
help you decide. It may be possible that your doctor may stop you from going on
outdoor trips for two weeks. This is advised to prevent the appearance of dark spots
on the treated area of the skin.
Don’t get scared of the soreness and inflammation for the whole week because the
treated veins are shrinking and setting out to close. Patients also may experience
redness on the treated spot and they might experience hotness also. Also, don’t get
scared about the irritation and cruising as it will eventually fade away itself. Your
doctor may prescribe some painkillers to get you relief from the pain. Additionally,
you may have scars or stitches left on the treated area, these will also fade away
Your vein doctor near me fidi may also recommend another ultrasound for you in
order to check whether the vein has been closed properly and if you don’t need
another treatment. During the healing process, patients may experience dry skin. But
this is not bad news at all as when your body temperature is more than a hundred
degrees Fahrenheit or you notice inflammation, call the vein specialist immediately.
Vein treatment from a vein specialist near me fidi can be recommended in both conditions,
first, your legs look horrible, and second you may feel miserable due to throbbing pain and
puffiness. Make an appointment with the vein specialist or dermatologist to find out the best
method suiting your condition.