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Where to Display Your Business Signs a Placement Guide

Where to Display Your Business Signs: a
Placement Guide
The success of businesses depends, sometimes, on the visibility it has. Especially when
the competition is fierce, a well-designed and attractive sign can keep you afloat and
even crush any opposition to your business.
At Al Rizq Advertising, we have the most diversified types of signs for everyone. Being
the top signage supplier in Dubai, manufacturing from braille signs to giant billboards,
we care about signs and hope this guide will help you.
The placement of a sign is crucial. A great sign won’t attract anyone if you can’t see it.
Either indoors or outdoors, the location of a sign establishes a marketing presence for
your business.
Indoor Signs & Placement
Indoor signs are primarily designed to advertise certain areas or products inside a store
or office that you want your clients to take notice of. For example, draw the attention
of customers for a new product or a great deal.
Some indoor signs are not designed to sell a product or service directly and are only for
indicative purposes. For instance, if you work on a large building where office spaces
are shared between several other companies, directional signs would help clients find
your business easier. Or just signs to point to essential key areas of a building, like
bathrooms or different company’s departments. Here are some places where you should
consider putting a sign:
Reception or Lobby
If your business’ face is a physical place, like a reception or lobby, you should use that
space to put up a sign. For example, it could easily be behind the receptionist’s desk or
on the empty wall of the lobby room. It would certainly bring life to the space and
welcome your clients in a more warming way.
Windows & Storefronts
If your business or store is on a busy street, like a high street, you could use your
business window or front of the store to promote products or services. This is a great
place to put a sign because it reminds the clients that they need your product or services
and draws them straight to you. These types of signs are commonly used to promote
deals and new products while giving the business some authenticity and character.
On walls
If you aim to navigate customers through your store while making them know the kind
of deals you’re having, then this method is perfect for you. It entices the customer to
purchase and, at the same time, creates an atmosphere inside your business.
Outdoor Signs & Placement
Outdoor signs are designed to catch the attention of customers and clients far away.
Like, on a highway or high on a skyscraper. Their primary function is to make many
potential customers aware of the brand or product and develop the business by often
bringing in new clients.
The main difference between indoors and outdoors signs rely on the overall purpose.
While an outdoor sign tries to get a client into the store or business, an indoor sign helps
decide when the customer is already in-store or is already a business client.
The placement of an outdoor sign is even more critical than an indoor one, for the simple
fact that an outdoor sign has a lot more competition from other businesses. A few
options might be:
Parking Lot or Above Store
These signs bring attention to the store by mostly drawing clients from outside nearby.
By placing a sign above your store or business, you alert potential customers to where
the store or office is located.
These are some of the most infamous signs, also called roadside signs or billboards,
and they draw customers that are tedious during a long car trip or urge them to stop at
the next exit to purchase a product, food, or gas.
In Front of Store or Business
Blade signs, for example, are a great type of sign to place at your front door. These signs
protrude out of the outline of the building and indicate the business’ entrance. There are
other signage available, like architectural signs, exterior face lit signs or even LED
message displays that are great for your front door, depending on the business, of
How to make the most out of outdoor signs
Because outdoor signs are slightly more complex when it comes to making the most out
of them, this article gives you a few tips from the top outdoor sign company in Dubai on
how to perform when trying to advertise your business with signs.
One of the best features you can add to your sign is lightning. Turning your sign as
noticeable as possible can drive sales through the roof and make your sign all day and
all night ad for your company, even out of business hours. There are many options when
it comes to lightning signs. Neon is a pretty popular choice and one to choose from if
you want to give a vintage look to your store. Face lit letters, if you want your sign to
pop out or a halo-lit channel to give it dimension by projecting light onto the wall
behind, are some of the other options.
The design and branding of a sign is, in general, the first thing that the client sees after
the colors. And so designing it according to your own brand is clever and creates brand
awareness. Make the style of your sign be an open window for what your business wants
to accomplish or how it wants to be perceived by others.
Legibility is also vital when deciding to put up a sign. When a sign is placed, you want
to make sure your clients are able to read it, regardless of the distance it is placed.
Therefore, it is imperative that signs placed at the top of buildings, for instance, have
the suitable measures to be seen by people and potential customers on the ground.