Emerald Stones Are They Perfect For You

Emerald Stones: Are They
Perfect For You?
History Of Emerald:
The word Emerald is derived from the Greek word "smaragdos," which symbolizes
"greenstone". It is considered to be a holy stone and is believed to be one of the gemstones
found in the breastplate of Aaron. Throughout history, different races have been fascinated
by emeralds - Egyptians, Incas, and Spanish. This fascination continues to the present time.
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If your daughter's birthday is in May and you are looking for her first earring, you could give
her an earring with an emerald stone. If your 20th or 35th wedding anniversary is fast
approaching and you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, maybe you could consider
getting her emerald earrings for this special occasion. The ancients believe that an emerald
symbolizes the serenity of spirit and of mind. You might not believe ancient beliefs but
emeralds are really soothing and restful for the eyes. Watch out for emeralds for sale, to
get them at affordable prices.
Assessing Emeralds:
Today, emeralds are still used for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Emerald
jewelry is one of the best gifts for women. They are pretty expensive though as they
cost thousands of dollars, but are worth buying just to let your wife know you value
her. It is a rather good gift for a marriage that lasted 20 years or 35 years! Therefore,
buy an emerald stone to bestow your mate with its enormous benefits
It is difficult to look for a very good piece of emerald jewelry as high-quality emeralds
could be very rare. Many emeralds contain bubbles or inclusions. Being a very old
form of stone, you'd know how old the emerald is by the bubbles it has. A greener
emerald is always more expensive. The cost is purely based on the color of it.
Therefore, the green color determines the worth of the emerald.
A form of emerald that is especially considered to be of high quality is the Columbian
emerald. A famous Columbian emerald is the Trapiche which has six rays emanating
from the center when the stone is cut.
When you are buying an emerald necklace, bracelet, or earring, you must carefully
check the stone as there are a lot of fake emeralds being sold in the market. Always
prefer a high-quality jewelry store to avoid purchasing fake emeralds. Demand a GIA
certificate to get the assurance that the emeralds are genuine.
Make sure the stones are not heated, irradiated, coated, or dyed in any way. Some
stones are subjected to this treatment to change their color and make them more
expensive. Check the stones from all angles and check the color as well. As already
mentioned, the green color of the emerald stone makes it more valuable. However, it
is somehow difficult to find the perfect emerald stone, always checking for bubbles,
inclusions, or other flaws first. Always watch out that there should not be any
scratches or flaws on the stones’ surface.
If a stone is set off as a ring or as a necklace, make sure that you can see the back of the
stone. It should have a claw setting and the setting should allow the light to pass through so
that the stone will not look dull. Check out stones for sale, buy them at appropriate prices.
Now, you are ready to buy your perfect emerald.