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How long does water last in a rainwater tank?
When homeowners are considering whether or not to install a rainwater tank, one of the key questions they ask
themselves is, “How long does water last in a rainwater tank?” The answer to that question is not straightforward.
The storage life of rainwater in rainwater tanks could be anywhere from one day to indefinitely. It all depends on the
quality of the rainwater harvesting and rainwater storage system.
When making the decision to purchase a rainwater tank, it is a good idea to talk to a rainwater tank supplier. They
can help you assess the pros and cons of installing a rainwater tank and give you advice about the type of rainwater
storage system you need. The final decision usually depends on your personal circumstances and your geographical
For example, recently there has been an increased demand for rainwater tanks in Auckland, New Zealand.
Rainwater tank suppliers Auckland have been very popular due to a change in the Auckland Council’s
regulations around the installation of rainwater tanks. The Auckland council removed the rainwater tank resource
fees in an effort to encourage sustainable storage of rainwater during Auckland’s water crisis.
The scheme tipped the scales of the decision-making process, resulting in an increase in rainwater tank installations
in Auckland. Not surprisingly, there has been a flow-on effect throughout other areas in New Zealand as other
council areas have recognised the success of the scheme.
Part of the success of the program hinged around the sound advice given to homeowners by rainwater tank suppliers
in Auckland. Experienced rainwater harvesting consultants were able to direct consumers to the correct rainwater
tank, rainwater storage and rainwater filtration system for their planned use. Homeowners who planned to use the
rainwater purely for watering their garden required less filtration than homeowners who planned to consume the
water and use it for drinking, showering, washing or flushing toilets.
While the complexity of the rainwater collection system varied quite a bit, all needed to install quality rainwater
tanks to store the rainwater. Most popular were poly tanks that could easily be stored above ground. The poly
rainwater tanks were also popular due to the range of sizes, shapes and colours available. While the tanks were
normally available from rainwater tank suppliers throughout New Zealand, the stimulus created by the Auckland
Council created a real surge in demand for rainwater tank suppliers in Auckland.
The quality of the rainwater tank is very important as you want them to last for a long time without breaking down.
Think Water in Auckland is a supplier of rainwater tanks, offering steel and poly rainwater tanks from suppliers
such as Devan Plastics, Designer Tanks and Kliptank. As a trusted supplier of rainwater tanks, Think Water only
recommends high-quality brands that stand the test of time. Irrigation New Zealand
If you are considering installing a rainwater tank in Auckland, give Think Water a call.
They can help you with the design, supply and installation of your rainwater storage system. They also have other
stores located throughout New Zealand.
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