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In Islam, the Family System

In Islam, the Family System
Any Muslim worth his salt recognizes the importance of the family in Islam Online Quran Teaching
Academy. In Muslim culture, the family is central. This is in sharp contrast to modern Western culture,
in which almost everything revolves around the individual. This is visible to those on the outside as well.
The family system is frequently emphasized in Muslim-majority countries. Everything revolves around
the family, and extended families cohabit frequently.
Humans are an extremely social species. They have a tendency to rely on one another. It could be for
monetary gain or simply moral support and friendship. When people focus on developing family ties and
relationships, the family bond can become stronger. Humans form a variety of bonds, but family bonds
are the most powerful. They also advocate for a healthy community. The family unit is the foundation of
a society, and if the family unit fails, the rest of the community may follow Online Quran Teaching
This is currently taking place all over the world. Capitalism encourages people to priorities themselves
and their personal development at all costs. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on personal
development at all costs. Individual wants and needs are prioritized. As a result, everything else suffers
as a result. The family system is usually the one that suffers the most in this situation. This frequently
results in divorce and family strife. Nowadays, money is a frequent source of contention in families.
Marriage and Family
Marriage is a common social practice all over the world. It is practiced in even the most remote
communities. Adam and Eve, the first human couple, were created by Allah. According to the Quran,
Allah created both genders as companions. Men and women have natural desires for each other.
However, if they do as they please, it can lead to a slew of problems. Many families have been
destroyed in the West as a result of the emphasis on personal relationships.
Marriage is the legally and morally correct way to fulfil those desires. That is what Islam teaches, so
people can legally satisfy their desires. As a result, Islam has frequently emphasized the importance of
marriage. Marriage was practiced by Allah's prophets. As a result, they set a good example. The
prophets desired to set a good example. One option was to marry. Because Islam encourages marriage,
all Muslims should participate in it.
He made you mates so you could find peace in them, and He placed affection and mercy between you as
one of His signs. There are indicators for those who think. (30:21)
You are their clothing, and they are yours. Knowing your previous deceptions, Allah accepted your
repentance and forgave you. So, now, have relations with them and seek Allah's predetermined
offspring... (Question 2:187)
Suppression of Carnal Desires
For a long time, many communities have struggled to reconcile sexual relations with morality and
religion. As a result, many people believe that all such acts are evil and must be prohibited. Some groups
continue to hold extreme positions on this. Women are viewed as a pure evil that must be eradicated.
As a result, these people believe that they should avoid women and that any contact with them is
harmful. Many unnatural situations destroy a natural family system Online Quran Class.
Monasticism is an extreme in which monks and nuns devote their entire lives to living without sexual
relations. They avoid marriage because they believe it is more important to God. However, this has a
significant impact on the family system. It also leads to a slew of evils. Attempting to avoid all sexual
relations may lead to religious people committing crimes to compensate. Child abuse and homosexuality
are commonplace in some communities.
The Islamic family is the most important thing. Because it is practical, Islam is the only true religion.
Sexual relationships aren't necessarily bad if they aren't married. This is the foundation of the family
system. According to the Prophet (PBUH), he was the most God-fearing. He married and had children,
however, and he made it clear that this was the Islamic way of life. In Islam, doing what is right and
permissible is considered an act of worship.
Divorce and Family Dissolution
Divorce rates are increasing all over the world. This has resulted in social decay in a number of countries.
People continue to walk down the path of destruction, either unaware or unconcerned about the
consequences. We must distinguish between necessary and beneficial divorces in this case. If her
husband is abusing her, she should seek help. However, having illicit relationships and causing a divorce
is extremely harmful.
Everyone is affected by this issue. Extramarital affairs are common among both men and women. While
Islam forbids it, it is quite common in many places. Some argue that it is justified by freedom or choice.
These ideologies are spreading throughout the Muslim world, resulting in family breakdowns in Muslim
majority countries. Muslims, on the whole, value marriage and loyalty. They are well aware of the
negative consequences of selfish divorce on children.
Divorces, in fact, primarily harm children. Divorce is frequently surmountable. If they have children, the
situation becomes more complicated. Children require Learning Quran online UK the care of a mother and
father in order to grow up healthy. When one parent is absent, things become more complicated. It is
difficult for the custodial parent to fulfil multiple roles. Similarly, children will not have the same
experience with a single parent as they will with two. Divorces destabilize the family system.
Parenting and the Family System
The family system is built on the idea of the future. Most families and couples want to raise children for
the future. Parenting and how parents should raise their children are highly valued in Islam. This
encourages a healthy family system with common goals. Many secular societies, on the other hand, do
the opposite. People there frequently have children and then let them grow up. They, like animals, must
be self-sufficient after a certain age.
In the family system, Allah has assigned roles. People, according to a Hadith, are like shepherds, each
responsible for their own flock. As a result, Allah commands Muslim men to provide for their families.
They must work in order to provide for their wives and children. As a result, the man is also the head of
the household. He is the head of the household because he provides for the family's financial needs. He
serves as an example.
In addition, the woman is the shepherd. She directs the children's upbringing and maintains a peaceful
home. Of course, the mother cannot do it alone; the father must be involved as well. Still, when it comes
to parenting, the mother is usually in charge. She oversees their education. This means that most
families have a well-defined overall structure. This ensures that family parenting is done in a systematic
Interactions within the Family
It is critical to comprehend how both parties must behave. Allah has established the bar for everyone's
behavior. Parents must ensure that their children are raised in a loving family environment. They should
teach their children proper manners as well as how to read the Quran when they are old enough. Of
course, they must feed the children properly in order to keep them healthy. They must also educate
them (both secular and Islamic) in order to improve their future prospects.
The family system and how children interact with their parents are strictly regulated by Islam. Respect
for parents is one of Islam's most fundamental principles. Parents must never be disrespected. Allah has
positioned good parenting immediately following worship. That demonstrates Islam's regard for parents
in all situations.
Your Lord has commanded that you only worship Him and that you respect your parents. Don't say "uff"
or "repel" them if one or both of them grows Quran Lessons Online old with you; instead, speak a noble
word to them. And humble them with your wing.