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Mog's Christmas calamity STD

Mog's Christmas calamity
Part 1: Fill the gaps
It was ________________ and everyone in the Thomas family ________________ sweet dreams.
Nicky and Debbie ________________ about what ________________ would ________________ them.
Mr Thomas ________________ of a new ________________.
Mrs Thomas ________________ of … something else.
________________, of course, we have Mog. Mog ________________ sweet dreams. Mog was having a
Part 2: Number the sentences in the order thay appear
The roasted chestnuts pop all over the place
A ball rolls off the shelf
Mog creates a huge mess
The ball lands on the kitchen stove and switches everything on
The cat wakes up to a strange smell
The food in the stove is on fire
The things on the shelf fall because of the garland
Mog accidentally dials 999 (emergency number)
Mog's tail is caught in a garland
Part 3: Fill the gaps
"Follow that cat!"
As the neighbours gathered, the fireman ________________ everyone how Mog had ________________ the
"She deserves a ________________."
"I think she'd rather have an ___________".
But there was no ___________ for Mog. There was ____ Christmas __________. At least that’s what they
But everyone else ________________ that if the Thomas’ and Mog can’t have a Christmas, they can
________________ ours.
So that’s exactly what they all did.
"There you go Mog."
Vocabulary Tool box:
CHRISTMAS EVE= The day before Christmas Day (or Dec 24th).
SWEET DREAMS= Nice dreams.
NIGHTMARE= A bad dream.
GATHERED= Arrive and get together.
SAVE THE DAY= If you save the day, you stop something from being a disaster so everybody can be all right.
DESERVES= If you deserve something, it is right that you have it.
SHE'D RATHER= She prefers (WOULD RATHER + Infinitive without to = Prefer + infinitive with to or -ing).
SHARE= To share something is to let others have a part of it or participate in it with you.
THERE YOU GO= Here you are (an expression we use when we give something to someone).