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6 Ways to Prevent and Cure Varicose Veins Naturally

6 Ways to Prevent and Cure Varicose
Veins Naturally
You need to strengthen the walls of your veins to prevent and maintain varicose veins.
Without the use of chemicals or drugs, there are several natural vein treatments available
today that will cure and prevent varicose veins.
Natural remedies for Varicose veins
1. Horse chestnut: For those people with varicose veins, the herb horse chestnut
provides hope. A natural chemical called aescin is present in horse chestnut which
strengthens vein walls and prevents leaking and also prevents varicose vein
treatment. The 22 percent of people given horse chestnut had decreased vein
leakage, in a study of 22 people with varicose veins as compared to an increase in
vein leakage in the people who were given a placebo. To cure varicose veins, it is
recommended that people interested in using horse chestnut take two to four 500-mg
capsules of the herb daily.
2. Antioxidants: To help cure and prevent varicose veins another thing found is
antioxidants. A kind of vitamin called bioflavonoids is present in antioxidants that
strengthen veins. People with varicose veins should eat antioxidant-rich foods which
include vegetables and fruits that will keep you away from a vein doctor.
3. Acupuncture: Acupuncture will help you with varicose vein problems. The size of
varicose veins get reduces by acupuncture with no side effects. In most people, five
vein treatment of acupuncture reduced the pain with varicose veins in one study.
4. Fruits and vegetables: Pineapples also contain a natural chemical that treats
varicose veins believe it or not. The swelling and soreness that are caused by
varicose veins are reduced by a chemical called bromelain. Bromelain can be taken
in capsule form as a veins treatment. To help varicose vein problems apples,
onions, and black tea have also been found. These foods contain an antiinflammatory chemical called Quercetin. This also comes in capsule form too. For
optimum effectiveness, it should be taken together with bromelain by taking advice
from a vein specialist.
5. Compression stockings: To wear an anti-embolism hose or compression stockings
is another solution. If they are too tight they can do more harm than good so you
must get these fitted. Anti-embolism hoses and compression stockings restore veins
and help them function properly and a vein specialist near me also suggests this if
you are not affected by varicose veins severely.
6. Exercise: A simpler way of treating and preventing varicose veins is to simply put
your feet up for 10 minutes per day. In this exercise, the idea is that your legs should
be raised higher than your heart so that blood can flow away from your veins and
give them a chance to get stronger. For doing this you need to lie back and put your
feet up on a chair or on a coffee table.
To help a varicose vein problem if these natural solutions fail there are other more invasive
procedures including laser and low-level radiofrequency energy, TriVex, sclerotherapy, and
endovenous ablation. They can be inconvenient and expensive but these procedures work
as vein treatment san jose properly.
The above-mentioned varicose vein treatment san jose is a pain-free, simple way to deal
with varicose veins. On their own, they can always be used as a complement to varicose
vein removing procedures.