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How You Can Hide Thread Veins

How You Can Hide Thread Veins?
Thread veins are tiny veins just beneath the skin that have become enlarged or dilated. As
we age, our skin ages with us, becoming thinner and more susceptible to problems such as
thread veins. As the skin gets thinner and more translucent, the blood vessels under the skin
show through.
There is no medical issue with thread veins, their appearance will not affect your health, but
sometimes it is an indicator of Rosacea. Ordinarily, it is simply a sign of aging. However,
many people, particularly women, find them very embarrassing. They often appear on the
legs, although they can present themselves on the face too, which often makes patients very
self-conscious. Leg veins are sometimes caused by varicose veins, if you have varicose
veins, then you should have these treated first before tackling the thread veins.
These are common as we age, but if you are overweight or you smoke, this seems to
increase your chances of appearance. So maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you to
avoid them. There are many methods currently available for the safe removal of thread
veins. The vein treatments below can be used individually, or sometimes collaboratively,
and are known to help successfully reduce and remove them.
Type of treatments for thread veins
Two laser treatment technologies are IPL and ND: YAG Laser.
1. IPL- IPL is an Intense Pulsed Light Laser that is used within the cosmetic health industry
for many different conditions such as sun damage, hair removal, acne treatment, and of
course, thread and varicose vein treatment energy corridor. After its successful use on
skin conditions, it has now become a tool used for laser hair removal.
IPL works by using specific bandwidths of light that is only absorbed by the thread vein and
not by the surrounding skin. The light heats the vein so that it collapses. Several treatments
are often needed for optimal results.
2. ND: YAG Laser- This technology has many medical and non-medical uses. Within the
field of cosmetic medicine, it is used for things such as laser hair removal and also for
spider vein treatment in energy corridor and thread veins. The laser works in similar ways
to the IPL but is much more specific. Again, several treatments are often needed.
There is a small risk of scarring or skin color changes with lasers or IPL but in most cases,
treatments are extremely successful.
This vein treatment works by injecting a tiny amount of medicine directly into the veins that
are being treated. The drug causes the walls of the vein to stick together and so over time
the vein dies away. Several treatments are often needed over 6 months. Side effects include
the possibility of developing a bruise over the areas which can last for 9 months.
The NHS views the treatment of thread veins as a ‘cosmetic’ and not a medical procedure.
This being the case, they are not available through your doctor. This means seeking out a
private vein center or hospital is the only option for removing the unsightly presence of
thread veins.