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Will Smoking Damage My All-on-4®

Will Smoking Damage My All-on-4® Dental implants?
Every dental implant surgeon will tell you to avoid smoking because of its effects on dental implants. The
impacts of smoking on the body are well known, from constricting blood vessels to hindering bone
regeneration, but did you know that there’s an association between smoking and oral cancer? Dental
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There’s even some evidence that suggests there’s a link between smoking and the deterioration of dental
Effects Of Smoking On Implants
There are many side effects of smoking tobacco products, including secondhand smoke and damage to
implants. The main result is the transfer of nicotine and other material being absorbed through the skin to
the jawbone. This can irritate and also delay the recovery process of dental implants.
It is recommended that you stop using tobacco products immediately and seek medical attention if you
experience any symptoms associated with nicotine poisoning or irritation of your implants.
A potential adverse effect of nicotine absorption can cause more cracks and holes in dental implants from
the All-on-4® procedure.
Why Should I Be Concerned If I’m Already A Smoker?
The All-on-4® procedure that is used to repair missing teeth generally has a high potential for infection
and other complications.
Nicotine residues left over from previous use threaten permanent damage to your teeth. That’s why some
experts advise against using implants if you’re still smoking. The only way to be 100% sure you’re
protected is by stopping all tobacco use immediately.
With smoking cessation, it remains essential to discuss your potential risks with your dentist before
undergoing any dental procedure.
How Can I Stop This Damage?
Even the best implants can be damaged by smoking. Stopping the consumption of tobacco products such
as cigars and pipes, especially if you have newer implants or had them in the past few years, is the best
way to prevent their damage.
Smoking may increase your risk of getting a non-union or failure during surgery. Non-union occurs when
teeth fuse improperly, increasing your risk of infection, and can cause problems with chewing and
The following tips will help you reduce the damage on dental implants:
Use dental appliances like toothbrushes to clean your teeth
Try using a mouthwash
Visit your dentist regularly to have your gum checked, especially those close to the implant
Eat foods high in vitamins and nutrients
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