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6 Ways to Improve Your Content Performance

6 Ways to Improve Your Content Performance
The content you post online is very crucial in digital marketing. It should be relevant and educational,
but it should also be intriguing to bring more traffic to your site and brand.
So what are the ways you can improve content performance?
1. Quality content
Ensure that your content is of the highest quality. It should stand out from your competitors by being
more valuable and in-depth, and it also needs to be interesting and relevant to your audience. You can't
write content about pet food on an engineering site.
1. Use keywords
Use keywords that your customer’s will most likely use to search for your service or product.
For example, if your clients are dog owners looking for dog food, they will search words such as dog
food, pet food, etc. Make sure that you incorporate these words into your content. It will noy only
increase your content performance, but also your search engine optimisation (SEO).
1. Creative headlines
Make your headlines and titles irresistible and helpful. Ensure both your title or headline talks about
your content and make it enjoyable. No matter how great your content is, readers will not click on it if
you have a long and tedious title. Creative headlines can increase content performance immensely.
1. Writing flow
After you hook your reader with the title, keep them looking at the content. Your content needs to flow.
Let them be able to follow the content from one paragraph to another without getting lost or confused.
Ensure the paragraphs are not too long or the tone too formal or too informal, make sure it is balanced.
Your content should also be informative and straightforward with no hidden meanings. It has to add
value to your readers.
1. Links
Add links throughout your content that lead your readers to more information about a topic. This will
help to keep users engaged on your site with more relevant information. You can also link to external
sites where appropriate. Not only will it add value to readers, but it will also help to get your business on
their radar when they see the referrals coming through. Also, fix broken links in your content.
1. Invite others to contribute
After writing your content, ask your readers to contribute. They will share their thoughts on the content
as well as add more that will be beneficial to you and others. Ask people to share your content. This way
it will reach more people.
If you need any help with improving your content performance, the team at Anchor Digital is ready to
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