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Best Materials for Indoor Signage

Best Materials for Indoor Signage
There is a wide variety of materials available for indoor signage. You can choose
the one according to your budget, indoor environment, and the purpose of the
signage. Indoor sign manufacturers Dubai, as elsewhere in the world, usually
use the following materials;
1- Vinyl or adhesive vinyl:
Vinyl is a thin, plastic sheet-type material that has many uses. Its affordability,
versatility, durability, flexibility, and customizability have made it a trendy
choice for sign making. Sign makers in Dubai make use of this material a lot. You
can use it for window graphics, decals, murals, banners, etc. However, if you
want to have a more rigid-looking sign, this might not be the best of choices.
2- Foamcore:
It is also prevalent among the signage supplier in Dubai. It is very economical
and also extremely lightweight. It comprises a polystyrene foam core that has a
paper coating on either side. Being lightweight, it is also very fragile. Offices
usually use it for short to medium-term purposes like, for example, in
presentations, meetings, trade shows, etc. You can easily make customized signs,
kiosks, easel signs, display counters, etc.
3- Acrylic:
Acrylic is very famous among sign manufacturers in Dubai. It is lightweight,
durable, and long-lasting. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.
Customization is not an issue in acrylics. It can also be used for clear cover on
other signs. It is transparent in appearance, but one can add colors to it as the need
be. For a 3D signboard in Dubai, acrylic is the first choice. It can withstand
adverse weather too and takes time to fade, chip, wither, or crack.
4- Corrugated plastic:
Coroplast and Coro are two other names for this material of internal signage.
Signboard manufacturers in Dubai use it due to its multiple benefits and uses. It
is easy to produce, is affordable, and lightweight. Primarily, it is a plastic board
with zig-zag plastic running up and down in it. Usually, companies use it for
temporary purposes. For example, directional signs, yard signs, point-of-purchase
displays, etc. They are easy to cut through, so making signs of different shapes
and sizes is very easy with them.
5- Fabric:
The fabric has not lost its significance as a choice material for making indoor
signs. Fabric graphic panels are very popular in trade shows. You can use them
on walls, kiosks, and display counters. Dye-sublimated fabric is the most popular
form of fabric for signboard suppliers in Dubai. It is easy to carry and also even
easier to take it down. There is a backlit fabric display option available too.
6- Glass:
Glass has many uses when it comes to indoor signage options. Using different
techniques and methods, the existing glass in an office can be converted to convey
other messages and signs. These methods include etching, sandblasting, films,
finishes, murals, decals, etc.
Other popular materials for indoor signage include metal, wood, digital
signboards, photo paper, etc.
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