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Best Body Cleansers

Best Body Cleansers - Discover How to Choose the
Best Body Cleanser For Your Skin Type
There is no doubt about it; bar soaps have really gotten a
bad rap over the last few years. With harsh chemicals and
"all natural" claims being bandied about everywhere you
look, many people have turned away from them like they
have always done. Best Body Cleansers those that are bar
soaps and those that are moisturizing bars.
First of all, it is important to understand that there are
really two different types of body cleansers those that are
bar soaps and those that are moisturizing bars. Now while
there are some moisturizing bar soaps that are actually
better than their bar soap counterparts, you will find that
each type of bar soap is actually better for different kinds
of skin.
One of the biggest factors that sets moisturizing bars apart
from all the other varieties: all natural ingredients. Bar
soaps are loaded with harsh chemical ingredients such as
alcohols, parabens, dioxanes, triclosan, and other synthetic
chemicals that are not only ineffective in treating your
skin's problems, but actually do more harm than good.
Best PH Balanced Body Wash
The best body cleanser will contain no harsh synthetic
chemicals, no dioxanes, no triclosan, and no alcohols. In
fact, the best PH balanced body wash is something that is
far milder than any of the soaps on the market today.
It is composed of gentle, natural ingredients such as olive
oil, shea butter, aloe vera, capuacu butter, babassu, palm
wax, and jojoba oil. It will also contain natural moisturizing
agents such as vitamins A and E, and witch hazel.
So which of these moisturizing agents is the best PH
balanced body cleanser? This is an easy question to
answer. The key ingredients in Ph balanced body wash are
vitamins A and E, which are exceptionally dry skin friendly.
In addition, they will supply your skin with antioxidants,
essential fatty acids, copper, zinc, and manuka honey.
These ingredients are all extremely important for keeping
your skin safe from drying, itching, cracking, and breaking.
Extremely Toxic Chemical of Soap
Unfortunately, there are some products on the market that
are made with a byproduct of soap making called lye,
which is an extremely toxic chemical. Some people are
allergic to it, and it has been shown that even short-term
exposure to large amounts can cause irritation, headaches,
dizziness, and even serious health conditions. For this
reason, it is absolutely necessary to avoid anything that
contains lye.
However, there are some products that still contain lye,
but they are extremely mild, well-balanced ingredients.
The best body cleansers that you will find will contain the
following ingredients, as listed above: Babassu wax,
Capuacu butter, Aloe Vera gel, Olive oil, Shea Butter,
Phytessence Wakame, and Vitamin E.
Dry skin suffers because it does not retain moisture; the
best body cleansers will solve this problem. The first step
to solving dry skin problems is to use a good moisturizer,
either oil or lotion, that contains essential oils. Essential oils
are very powerful components of an effective moisturizing
product, because they have the ability to penetrate deep
into your skin to replenish your skin's moisture. For
example, your skin needs moisture to repair itself and
create new cells.
Shower Gels Are Designed To Loosen Dirt and Grime
People who have sensitive skin concerns often have
problems with acne outbreaks, because their sebaceous
glands produce too much oil. The best body cleansers that
you will find on the market will contain Acrylamide, which
is another effective ingredient for fighting overproduction
of sebum. Salicylic acid also has an excellent record of
fighting acne. Finally, it is essential to use a good Shower
Gel Cleanser, because shower gels are designed to loosen
dirt and grime and even out your skin tone. They are easy
to use, won't dry out your skin, and won't irritate sensitive
Finding the best body cleansers may take a little work, but
it is well worth it. As you research products, find
ingredients that suit your individual skin type, and read
customer reviews, you will learn what ingredients truly
work. Then, you will be able to choose among the
hundreds of body washes, scrubs, and moisturizers on the
market. Just make sure that you do not buy any of them
that contain ingredients that could potentially cause a
negative reaction.