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What Is Telecoil Connectivity and Its Benefits

What Is Telecoil Connectivity and Its Benefits?
Have you ever seen an antenna? Yes, the piece of equipment that stands tall above everything else to
receive a signal from a particular source. A telecoil is similar, except this one is smaller and can be found
in hearing aids.
A telecoil is a small coil in hearing aids that works as a receiver to pick signals from a loop system that
acts as an electromagnetic field. It is also known as T-coil or T-switch. Hearing aids that have telecoil
connectivity can convert electromagnetic energy into sound signals. These electromagnetic energies
include telephone and assistive listening devices.
If your hearing aid has a telecoil, it allows direct communication between the hearing aid and phone
without the interference of acoustic feedback during a phone call. T-coil functions as a wireless antenna
and delivers amplified sound directly to your hearing aid to help improve your listening experience in
many environments.
How Do You Use Telecoil Connectivity?
If your hearing aid has a telecoil built into it, your hearing professional can activate it during your first
fitting. They can also customise it to suit your preferences.
Other hearing aids require you to push a button or a switch to select the feature. Advanced hearing aids
will automatically switch to a T-coil setting when a telecoil signal is detected in the environment.
Telecoil Benefits
Increase in sound quality and clarity
This is the main benefit of having telecoil connectivity in your hearing aid. You will receive quality and
clear sound directly through your device.
Blocks environmental noise
When receiving a phone call, the telecoil blocks all the acoustic feedback and reduces environmental
noise for the listener, making it easier to concentrate on the conversation.
Use of loop systems
Telecoils are used extensively with loop systems in large, public venues where listening may be difficult.
The surroundings are characterised by background noise and massive distance of the listeners from the
sound source. When the loop system is installed in such a surrounding, the sound will be sent directly to
the hearing aids via the telecoil, improving the signal to noise ratio.
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