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A Guide to Choose Right Industrial Automation Equipment

A Guide to Choose Right Industrial
Automation Equipment
While picking a modern Industrial Automation Equipment, there are a few significant terms
to consider, not simply those that have the words PLC, PAC or IPC in them. Application
requirements should be characterized, while the adaptability needs for your project should
be considered before you make a smart decision.
For the first stage, organizing the equipment’s operation requirements is a good place to
start, which will help you to evaluate the range of Automation Equipment specified by
Manufacturers. The automation system can provide a complete solution or individual
control, depending on how it is suitable into the manufacturing scenario.
The overwhelming choice anyway is choosing whether a huge PLC be utilized for a solitary
program or regardless of whether a particular methodology be utilized. The choice is
significantly more mind boggling than picking a PLC, PAC or PC-based regulator. Considering
the following points can make your decision better and cost efficient:
New or existing system
Individual devices
Environmental conditions
Loop control
Analog devices
Specialty modules
I/O locations
However, there may be times in which the implementation may require a compatible
approach, where tearing down the automation system into analytical sections is required. In
such cases, automation is categorized and distributed among smaller PLCs(Programmable
Logic Controller), depending on the workload.
A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) or
Industrial Personal Computer (IPC) can give control to an individual station, machine,
assembly line or even the whole plant floor.
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Allen-Bradley 1756-L83ES, Controller, GuardLogix 5580 with 10 MB Standard Memory, 5 MB
Safety Memory, USB Port, 1GB Embedded Ethernet Port, 250 EtherNet/IP Devices, 4
Character Alpha/Numeric Display.
Allen-Bradley 1756-L83E, ControlLogix 5580 Controller with 10 MB User Memory, USB Port,
1 Gigabit (Gb) Embedded Ethernet Port, 250 EtherNet/IP Devices,4 Character Alpha/Numeric
Allen-Bradley 1756-L73, Controller, 8 MB User Memory, 0.98 MB I/O Memory, USB Port,
Chassis Mount.
Allen-Bradley 1756-EN2T, The 1756-EN2T module is designed for the Allen-Bradley
ControlLogix chassis with either a standard or redundant power supply. All chassis models
compatible with the 1756-EN2T are the Allen-Bradley 1756-A4, 1756-A7, 1756-A10, 1756A13, and the 1756-A17.
Whether you are buying a new system or existing can help clear out a lot of confusions and
impact the remaining factors for the selection process. If products are already installed,
compatibility becomes the most important, canceling out the number of products that are of
no significant use.
The choice of controller also depends on the environmental conditions. If there are rough
conditions, such as those related to temperature, humidity, dust, etc. then the controller
would need to meet these in order to remain operational.
Hope this guide will help you in your next project, also perform a good research prior to
buying any products.
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