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What Are The Typical Treatments For Varicose Veins

What Are The Typical Treatments For
Varicose Veins?
A varicose vein is a kind of venous disease that affects people equally. This kind of venous
issue is associated with pregnancy and obesity. Other risk factors that may be responsible for
such type of venous insufficiency may include:
long periods of sitting or standing
family history
hormonal changes during pregnancy
before menstruation
during menopause
Women are considered more prone to this troubling venous condition as women’s hormones
progesterone and estrogen make the veins dilate. Since vein walls have smooth muscle cells,
during pregnancy, the hormones relax the smooth muscles making veins’ size bigger leading
to varicose veins. Visit veins clinics to consider the type of treatment.
Fortunately, there are lots of varicose vein treatment Lindenhurst available to handle the
venous problems, that may include:
Vein stripping and ligation:
These procedures were traditionally used to treat varicose veins, but more and more are
turning to non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment options to overcome this venous
condition. Vein stripping and ligation require a general anesthetic in most cases, and for
some that might mean an overnight stay in the hospital. It's also associated with a longer
recovery period. Minimally-invasive treatments at veins clinics South Shore have shown to
be just as effective, if not more so in some cases, and they require only a local or topical
anesthetic and most are able to leave the doctor's office within an hour of receiving treatment
at vein clinics li. Some even return to work right away.
It is a standard type of vein treatment near me Lindenhurst for those with spider veins or
smaller varicose veins. It consists of injections of a chemical sclerosant that operates by
irritating the vessel lining so that it narrows, falls, and dies. Liquid formulations are
common, but many turn to foam formulation as well. This formulation has a consistency
similar to shaving cream and offers a greater displacement of blood in the vein for more
contact with the vessel lining. It is easy to view and monitor on ultrasound. Talk to a vein
doctor Hamptons from veins clinic Lindenhurst regarding both liquid and foam
sclerotherapy formulations.
Endovenous laser ablation:
It is also called EVLT in some cases, is a procedure whereby implanting a laser fiber into an
abnormal vein, the specialist may heat it and damage the vein from the lining. Low heat is
used to gradually heat the vein, which makes it collapse and become fibrotic. With the vein
no longer carrying blood, other veins in the area will take over blood flow. This procedure
has been determined to be very effective for treating larger varicose veins. You can get more
information about it from vein clinic North Shore.
Ambulatory phlebectomy:
It is another fairly common procedure that involves removing problem veins through a
minimally invasive procedure that requires tiny incisions through which vein hooks are used
to grab and remove the vein. Before receiving any treatment, it's important that those
interested speak with their doctor to make sure treatment is safe for them.
Consult a vein specialist near me Jericho to inquire about the treatment.