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How To Protect Your Teeth From Chipping

How To Protect Your Teeth From Chipping
Tooth shipping is a common problem facing many people around the world. A chipped tooth
can be very painful and can cause low self-esteem as you’ll be forced to hold back your smile.
No one would like to have a chipped tooth or not be able to smile.
In this article, we will discuss ways in which you can protect your teeth from chipping. Most of
these are simple practices that you can do at home as your regular teeth protection schedule.
Limit Sugar Content Intake
Sugary foods are the main culprit to weaken teeth. The bacteria seen in your teeth feed on
sugars, producing acidic materials that cause teeth decay. Acidity in your mouth can make your
enamel and can cause tooth decay which can increase the chances of tooth chipping.
You should therefore minimise sugar intake to protect your teeth and to also have generally
good health.
Try to Avoid Acidic Foods and Drinks
Acidic foods and drinks cause the weakening of enamel through corrosion. It is ideal to
minimise your consumption of acidic fruits to protect your teeth enamel. Some of the acidic
fruit include lemons, oranges, sodas, wine, etc. When you do consume this food, after doing so,
it is essential to rinse your mouth with plenty of water.
Avoid Chewing Hard Foods
Chewing hard foods can damage your tooth enamel and can even break it. Most people tend to
open things with their mouth, such as sodas, which is risky because it can damage your teeth
enamel. The best thing for you to do is to make sure that you’re protecting your teeth as much
as possible.
Get Enough Vitamins And Minerals
In addition to protecting your teeth from chipping, you can also strengthen them by getting
enough vitamins and minerals. There are various sources of vitamins and minerals. The most
common types of vitamins that protect your teeth include;
● Vitamin D
● Magnesium
● Calcium
● Vitamin K
You should take proactive steps to protect your teeth from breaking up or chipping. The above
tips will get you started. If chipping has already happened, you need to seek an immediate
Dental assistant.
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