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Claiming the benefits of salmon DNA for the skin

Claiming the benefits of salmon DNA for the skin
Some dermatologists claim that the DNA found in salmon semen is considered suitable for
the health and beauty of the skin. Several research findings also support this. The different
Salmon DNA benefits for the skin are as follows.
1. Moisturize the skin
The hyaluronic acid content in salmon DNA can hydrate the skin; one of the benefits of
salmon DNA is to hydrate the skin. However, this effect is not just a claim, as there are
several underlying studies. Yes, a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic
Science has proven that applying a cream containing 3 % Salmon DNA for 12 weeks of
regular use can hydrate the skin while increasing elasticity on 90% of male participants' facial
skin originally appeared dry and rough. The research team suggested that salmon DNA works
by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid on skin tissue cells to increase the water
content of the skin and ascorbic acid.
2. Brightens the skin
The benefits of salmon DNA injections are said to lighten dull skin. Susie Rendra said the
DNA in salmon sperm contains peptides that can stimulate collagen production so the skin
can appear brighter.
3. Slow down the signs of premature aging
It is believed that salmon DNA improves the structure of skin tissue. As a person ages, the
generation of elastin and collagen in the skin decreases. As a result, the appearance of signs
of aging, such as pigmentation, wrinkles, wrinkles, and fine lines on the face, cannot be
avoided. This condition can also lead to a decrease in the elasticity of the skin. The claim of
the benefits of salmon DNA injections is said to improve the structure of skin tissue and
regenerate old skin cells with new ones through its anti-inflammatory effects. That is why
some beauty salon supply products that have Salmon DNA in them.
4. Speed up wound healing
Some Dermatologists have revealed the benefits of salmon DNA to the skin to speed up
wound healing. A study mentioned that the benefits of salmon DNA could speed wound
healing by increasing blood vessel formation blood flow and smoothing blood flow to the
skin after performing specific laser ablative treatments.
5. Protects the skin from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays
Salmon DNA is believed to protect the skin from sun exposure. The benefits of salmon DNA
are supposed to protect the skin from damage due to UV exposure from the sun. Scientific
reports of laboratory studies show that DNA extract from salmon sperm effectively blocks
UVB rays by 90% and UVA rays by up to 20%.
Is Salmon DNA Effective For the Skin?
While there are various benefits of salmon DNA for the skin that appear promising above, the
facts are still proven by other scientific research to prove its effectiveness.
Some dermatologists also doubt the benefits of salmon DNA in slowing premature skin
aging. Solar cream or sunscreen always tends to protect the skin from damage due to UV
exposure. Apply sunscreen is also more effective in preventing premature aging.