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Vein Treatment Can Leg Wedge Pillow Help You Eliminate Abnormal Veins

Vein Treatment: Can Leg Wedge Pillow Help
You Eliminate Abnormal Veins?
Medical researches have confirmed that varicose veins do not grow typically in women. The
problem is not gender-specific, it can affect anyone. However, the ratio of female patients is
always higher than male for having this problem. It is also observed that women who are
above sixty are more prone to suffer from this problem. If the abnormal veins are spoiling
your appearance visit the vein clinic.
Moreover, pregnant women also suffer from veins problem a lot as their extra weight has
extra pressure on the legs causing the development of spider or varicose veins. Other main
factors responsible for the venous problems are the profession or occupation of the people
making them stand or sit for extended periods, obesity, and hereditary. Consult a vein doctor
if you are having varicose veins.
What are the causes?
The main cause of the growth of varicose veins can be:
A leg vein consists of valves that maintain the blood flow up to the heart from the superficial
veins to deep veins. When the valves of the veins are damaged, their function is obstructed
and blood starts pooling inside them making them stretched and enlarged leading to varicose
veins. Consult a vein specialist if you are experiencing a faulty circulatory system.
Veins walls comprise collagen and elastic fibers, if these are absent in normal quantities, the
walls get weakened. Therefore, it becomes the reason for developing varicose veins. Such
types of veins don’t cause serious damage to the person. But there is another form of
varicose veins that is more severe due to a thrombosis blocking of the deep veins, pelvic
tumors, or congenital artery and vein problems. Such types of conditions require vein
treatment at vein clinic long island.
Varicose veins Treatment:
● Varicose vein treatment can be categorized into two types including surgical or
invasive and non-surgical or noninvasive procedures. Make an appointment with vein
specialist Lindenhurst to opt for the suitable one.
● The most common surgical procedure is sclerotherapy that is conducted using a
varicose vein injection of saline solution that makes vein collapse. After that, it is
absorbed by the neighboring blood vessels. Consult with a vein doctor North Shore
to determine whether you need this or not.
● Vein laser treatment is executed using a high-intensity light that helps get rid of
● A leg wedge pillow is also considered an effective solution to ease the symptoms of
varicose veins. The patients are recommended to use a leg wedge pillow between their
legs for prevention and healing pain and swelling. This pillow can help you sleep
soundly with varicose veins. You will be able to elevate your legs in any desired
position. The elevation allows the smooth blood flow and oxygen through your leg
veins and decreases the pressure in your lower limbs. Get this vein treatment near
me li from vein clinic South Shore.
● This pillow can help relieve common circulation problems. Moreover, you will be able
to relieve the further growth of varicose veins by resting in the correct position.
Therefore, make your body comfortable using an appropriate leg support pillow.
Doctors may recommend orthopedic pillows like the Leg Wedge Pillow that have
been designed to match the shape to maintain correct body alignment and posture.
Get varicose vein treatment if the pillow is not delivering expected results.